Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mayday 五月天签唱会

last Sunday (September 9, 2007), Mayday organized a 签唱会 in our city. it was like a very mini-concert. where they sang quite a few songs within an hour plus time. thanks to -Jeffery- for the free tickets. :)

the mood was high !! yet the sound system kinda .. erm .. sucks (??) the bass was too strong n uneven, n that caused the echoes to bounce within the auditorium's walls. in return, we can barely hear what they said or sang. but well .. it didn't manage destroy the mood though. :D

there reach a time, a song which we both enjoy was being performed. named "angel". my heart was suddenly filled with warmness. not because of where i'm at, neither was it because of the high-spirited environment i'm in. the flow of the music just flow into my heart easily, caressing it.

can't help but to look at him. watching him enjoying himself n listening to the music intensely. not sure what came over me, but the next minute i knew, i was giving him a sudden peck on the cheek. he was as surprised as i was excited. *blush*

well .. *shrug* .. i can be a rather warm person, despite my cool n withdrawn appearances (which i'm often misinterpreted). that is, only when i'm given the chance to feel safe n express myself freely .. :p

overall, it was quite a night !! :D

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