Thursday, September 27, 2007

mooncake festival ..

(photographs taken with devil's SE W810i)

a night, where the moon is the main actor. yet the flaw being Not having a clear night sky for the moon to embrace its night.

the park was flooded. with people n lanterns - a scene not seen for the rest of the year. colorful, mesmerizing n eye-catching. be warned though, as it goes up in smoke as quick. :p

took a stroll down the path, along the lake. watching people busied themselves with lanterns n candles. traditional paper lanterns was seen everywhere. children hold electronic ones instead. lanterns with music, lanterns that twists n turns, as fancy as it could be. comes in various size n shapes. :D

for many, despite weekday, it was a family night, a lovers night, as well as a buddies hang out night. after all, all it matters is with whom you spent the night with .. :)


  1. Happy belated mooncake festival.... =p

  2. hehe happy belated mooncake festival to you too. ;)