Thursday, September 27, 2007

Back to Nature.

underneath the burning sun n humid weather, none is more pleasant than taking a cool dip in the freezing mountain water ..

the trip was surprisingly soothing n refreshing. the comfort of being in each other's embraces had never been as fulfilling. caressed by his warm touch, the coldness of the water is the least of my concern.

birds were tweeting, insects were chirping in the background. nature watching over us, casted its spell on us. we took off from reality, drunk within the power of nature n love ..

dodging his glance, felt his palm brushing my heated cheeks. so comforting it is to just curl up next to him, leaning my head on his chest, n his arms wrapped around me. fondling with my hair, he showered me with kisses on the forehead. the feeling so safe, so secure ..

as i had read somewhere, "the best perk of being in a relationship, is to have someone to cuddle with." true indeed .. *contented*