Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mozart and the Whale (2005)

Mozart and the Whale

the film is better than i expected !! at the near end of the film, the 2 characters fought n finally reached an understanding. despite their differences n disagreements, they are unable to live without each other. Love is all that matters. things can be worked out when Love is the starting point. this scene causes me to burst out in tears. tears of happiness for the 2 characters. n tears of loneliness for myself. the happy ending makes me miss him dearly. the thought of losing him (while imagine myself as the female character in the film) breaks me .. this is a dramatic romance. the lives of 2 people with Asperger Syndrome (a form of autism - brain development disorder). they have difficulties in social interaction, having no ability to accurately represent themselves. he is a good-natured but quite a miserable taxi driver, with a superhuman knack for numbers. the moment she joins the autism support group that he leads, his life, his heart - are turned topsy turvy.

some backgrounds on the movie:
- director: Petter Næss
- released: 2005
- casts: Josh Hartnett, Radha Mitchell
- language: English
- genre: Romance


  1. Nice review .. I'll try to find this film. Good job.

  2. thx !! glad you find it useful. :)
    quite a nice film, as it shows the difficulties they faced. how he longed to be "normal" n how she loved to maintain her own self. despite having the disease, they still face problems like normal couple does. which is very touching !! n a whole new perspective. :)