Sunday, September 30, 2007

Nurturing Feelings.

appreciate lots when he cared for my feelings, fulfilling my emotional needs, caressing it. in lovey-dovey cuddling, as well as in general conversations. not to mentioned sensitive ones, those with feelings n emotions at stake.

the efforts we put in. the urge to involve n connect each other with ourselves. will it one day become our habits ?? one that comes naturally as time goes by ?? or will it last for just another week ?? as i once heard, it took 21 days of consistent repetition actions to form a habit.

Effort (ěf'ərt)
- the exertion of physical or mental power
- something done by exertion or hard work
(quoted from DICTIONARY.COM)

in the café, crowded with youngsters with their weekend gatherings. tied up workers running back n fro with orders. deafening noises of everyone fighting to speak at the same time. resulted in screaming at the top of their lungs, trying to make their words heard. not to my expectation of a sentimental café when i chose to "check the place out".

in the corner, sipping our drinks, we played our own little roles. experiencing the environment. experiencing each other. it is again, "with whom" that matters. the location or the environment are merely "a place to be".

deeper into the night, as we sat in the car, the low moon showered us with its natural beauty. warm glow of peacefulness gently cloaked us. expressing our thoughts, we cuddled in each other's embraces. the world is dipped in heavy honey syrup ..

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