Sunday, September 02, 2007

Rogue Assassin (2007)

Rogue Assassin

the movie is like a carousel (merry-go-round). you'll probably need the ending to get the whole picture. involves pretty cars, big houses, tons of weapons, gangs of black-coated Yakuza (Japanese mafia) s .. the 2 Yakuza clans - 1 lead by Chang, 1 lead by Shiro. Chang wanted to take back a pair of Golden Horses (huh?) stolen by Shiro years ago. these 2 yakuza clans are .. well, pretty much useless. they exists merely for the mass killings. the bosses died fairly quickly for being as "deadly" as they sounded. it also seemed meaningless for them to avoid so badly, to meet each other at this point. Jet is the assassin that kills the people from both the yakuza clans. by gaining their trust n using it against them. Jason is the partner of Jet before Jet's family is killed. there are personal issues here. the whole film is basically about Jet's personal vengeance - family got killed, change his face into the assassin's, get revenge from the boss that kill his family. end. despite the promise of Jet versus Jason fights, there weren't much. there were a lot of cursing, name-calling n gun fights. the gun fights were awesome - speed n accuracy - yet unfortunately still wasn't what was promised. the biggest mistake is probably putting all the Jet versus Jason fights in the trailer, making us feel n expect that to continue throughout the film. yet it did not. the ending with a twist, is what makes it interesting n refreshing ..

some backgrounds on the movie:
- international title: War, Rogue (conflict with another film with the same name)
- director: Phillip Atwell
- released: 2007
- casts: Jet Li (李连杰), Jason Statham
- language: English, Japanese
- genre: Action

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  1. I like the twisted ending. Anyway, watching this movie is because of Jet Li, my favorite actor. hehe