Saturday, September 01, 2007


we have a new neighbor recently - an Indian family. the father is a policeman. he drove a huge van, which says "Polis Bergerak". the family members include his wife, 2 kids, n some other adults, probably brothers or friends.

they had another bunch of friends, who ride loud bikes, n likes to come after 10pm. they would talk loudly in front of the house. in our quiet neighborhood, they are thunderous. i was most surprised with the amount of vulgar words that they are able to place inside 1 single sentence. mind you, they speak in Indian/Malay, yet all these vulgar words are said in Cantonese, Hokkien n even Mandarin ..

i'm sure almost everyone of us had gone through that stage of rebelliousness. carrying these vulgar words with us wherever we go. letting it take control. but for us to give it the power to corrupt us, to become our habit, n follows us throughout our lives, is a foolish choice.

although during certain incidents, such as an "almost-accident". we may not be able to avoid saying the f-word or s-word. it may not be acceptable, but still understandable.

i found it very disturbing, as much as they found it amusing. we are all aiming for a higher level n a better life. not to allow our values to become lower or "cheaper" ..

it is easy to learn a bad habits, but to get rid of it may took a lifetime.
as the Mandarin Idiom goes: 学好三年,学坏三天

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