Friday, September 07, 2007


during the interview 2 days ago, i was asked for my negative attitude. n i blurted out having "no patience" as the first. when the Belgium director asked for a reason for me to have said that, i elaborated that i dislike waiting. he nodded.

ways to overcome it? to distract myself - listen to music, read a book, looking at people .. oh wait .. i didn't mentioned the last one. it seemed fairly weird telling your interviewer, you like sitting around doing nothing but observing others. :p

what he said next caught me off guard - "it is the first time i heard Asian mentioned they have no patience. i thought they are always patient." i instinctively replied "no no, they are just good with hiding."

that conversation was kinda weird for an interview. but the mood lightens up when the both of us burst out laughing.

haven't had such a tense conversation for quite a while. despite killing the cells in our bodies .. i suppose spicing up our life once in a while is Fun (!!) after all ..

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