Friday, September 07, 2007


some background on the animal:
- species: Margay (Leopardus wiedii)
- origin: Central and South America
- weight: 3-9 kg
- body length: 45-80 cm
- tail length: 33-51 cm

it is often nicknamed the "Tree Ocelot". because of its skill in climbing. compared to its "cousin" - Ocelot - another similar species but larger in size. those who had cats or kittens at home probably know how to handle the "munching". i too learn from painful n bloody experience. the proud scars where my skin was torn open by Yuki (ゆき、雪) - my punk cat - still remains. :p when the "munching" begins, it was best to endure the pain and relax (instead of fighting back n pulling away). amazingly, he always seems to know exactly how far he can go. they love to leave interesting bite marks, but didn't puncture my skin ever since. :)


  1. wanna hug it sooooo much !! ;p

  2. so cute wei.
    it looks like a cat+tiger+leopard!

  3. haha !!
    glad you like it as much as i do !! :D

  4. Woh, so cute wei.... Where can I get one???? I want.. I want....


  5. haha !! are you sure you want one? its gonna be painful to own even a small one. :p but i do share the same thought (to own one). :D *hugz*