Tuesday, September 11, 2007


despite my struggles n messy thoughts on the current status of our relationship, a short passage that i had just read halted me in my thoughts .. i had been so concentrate on the worries that i had, yet i didn't realize how far we had come !! yea, i know it is unfair to him .. *introspecting*

if i were to compare to 1-year ago, things are considered to be cheerful instead. though still lack of in-depth understanding, but obvious improvements can be seen.

it is so easy to get trapped inside the "negativity" thingy .. though i'm deeply concern. but for now, taking a break from all these thoughts, i'll be thankful. thankful for the halt that makes me realize that my biggest enemy now, might be myself.

there are issues to be solved, there are "actions" to be taken (or to be exact, actions "not" to be taken - refer to the Active or Passive post), yet negativity is NEVER the attitude to face nor to solve the issues.

we are in fact, aiming for a better tomorrow. not for a fight that erupts any moment ..

i'm finally able to stop my drilling in the misdirected thoughts. i will continue to work hard from now on, with or without action, i will still put my full effort in it !! *cheering myself forward*


  1. Oh, I hope you're all right. :)

  2. thx so much for your concern. *feeling touched* i'm struggling but i guess i'll survive the waves n reach my island one day soon. thx again !! :)

  3. At times, people tend to think too much. Not that thinking is bad, thinking facilitates the improvement and growth of oneself but if too much would have a reversal effect.....

    ** Hmmm, that doesn't comes out right...**

    Anyway, you maybe have heard this over and over again.... You only get to live this life once, live to the fullest and go through everyday cheerfully because regardless you are happy or not, life still goes on....

    So, why not choose to go through it happily... =p

    ** Just ignore my ramblings above, I forget to take my medicine.... =p**

  4. haha .. no worries i do get what you mean. :p

    but sometimes to really think about stuff, to look at it in different perspective n details. shows how much it meant to us.

    as it was always said "the things you spend most of your time at, shows how important it meant to you". i find it rather true. it shows that we care, we mind, n we want to improve.

    ah well, it is impossible to be happy everyday. happiness itself is circumstantial. but thanks to "sadness" that we are able to feel "happiness". is it not? ;)

  5. Yeah, without sadness one would not know what happiness is ... =p

    Those yin and yang things....

    ***runs off to take my medicine...***


  6. haha *sweat* you're as sane as i'm. stop taking those medicines !! :D

  7. haha. yup he is. a very good one too !! ;)