Sunday, October 28, 2007


a soothing night that makes it seems like eons we hadn't been as close. a night that reaches deep into my heart n caressed it affectionately. the world swirled around me in rainbow colors, little fairies gaily dressed in ribbons n laces, dancing playfully on the clouds. i closed my eyes, enjoying the melody of their cheerful giggles ..

a spell was silently casted on me. i was shielded n lost all the pressure accumulated from school. how hard it is for me to throwout the heavy burden in my mind, let it be one day or one minute. back on the ground, wherever i turn, it will be squatting at one of the corners, smirking at me without compassion.

though the dark alley isn't casted with warm lights, i believe god will see me through, guiding me along the dark uneven path. believing in his purpose of giving me the package, which has both good n bad, to hold on to ..

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