Sunday, October 28, 2007


to -Cometh- (n those who prefer dogs over cats .. :p), i hope you like Husky - one of the very few species of dogs that i love. falls hopelessly for its striking blue eyes especially .. ;)


  1. Yep, husky definitely one of my favorites. =p

    Especially for me?? Thanks thanks...

    So ,hows the favicon?? Got your masterpiece already? =p

  2. cometh: sweet~ glad you like it. will have more coming for sure. ;)

    as for the favicon thingy, so far i like this one. but sometimes it ain't showing when i try to view it on other pc. is there some steps that i missed ?? or something ?? hm .. *puzzled*

    宝茹: 嘻嘻~ 谢谢哦!喜欢就好。;)

  3. So cute!
    Dogs do wear human-like facial expressions at times... but I'm still afraid of them. ^-^

    I could force myself to touch a puppy, though.

  4. Oh. That is an absolutely beautiful dog, Levian. What an adorably sweet picture. I want that dog! It is amazing how incredibly expressive their eyes can be, isn't it? Gorgeous, really.

    I hope everything is good in your world at the moment, Levian.

    Kind regards etc....