Tuesday, October 02, 2007


the small event that occurred at the court last night causes the concern among friends. though i doubt any of them will read this -since they are mostly gamers, none blogger- but there is still the urge to display my gratitude towards their concerns.
Thank You.
i despise placing myself in others' relationship problems. for i believe these problems, difficulties, conflicts, disagreements n sort, are merely playing a role in the growth of the relationship. n to grow meaning to face these challenges together. to build the trust n reliances along the way. to become one n form a stronger bond when these hurtful circumstances occurred.

right or wrong exists in a thin-line in conflicts, as both side holds the responsibilities for its occurrence. i hope we are given the chance to grow ourselves. n i do mean "ourselves" as in without anyone interfering or "offering help" .. *firmly* who is there to help us 24/7 ??

it is easy to be lovey-dovey n intimate when things are neutral - the happy times. yet when challenges occurred n threatens to shatter the relationship, 2 people are put to the test. how strong is their bond ?? how stable is their love ?? the relationship is at stake.

despite the hurtful feelings n moods, the aim is still to achieve a stabler relationship, a better understanding. feel it, talk about it, n get it over with. lets still hold hands while moving forward. i believe thats the attitude ..

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