Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Single Eyelid

이준기 (李準基)

i find guys with single eyelid rather exotic n sexy. a charming feature own by mostly Asians.

双眼皮: double eyelid / double-fold eyelid
单眼皮: single eyelid / foldless eyelid

緒方龍一 (Ryuichi Ogata)

이준기 (李準基) is one of the very few Korean artists i recognize. rarely pay much attention to Koreans. not as much as i paid attention towards Japanese (it's a bias thingy .. :p). n he is my favorite Korean artist so far.

緒方龍一 (Ryuichi Ogata) is my favorite member in W-inds (ウィンズ), a Japanese pop vocal group. as for 周杰伦 (Jay), he always managed to attract me with his music n voice, rarely his appearance though. but occasionally i do find his fiery stare hot !! ;)

周杰伦 (Jay)


  1. Woh....only at times I have single eyelid....eh wait.....I mean at times I have double eyelid..so does that mean that I am exotic and sexy??? woot...


  2. haha. you most probably are !! since the value always lies in your inner-self .. ;)