Thursday, October 25, 2007

Efforts Overthrown.

i was recently challenged with the topic: "should cat eat leftover bones?".

another typical topic. ah well .. it is not the first time i was confronted with the exact same topic. it just gets pretty fed up trying to convince others, which i stop doing eventually. the truth will reveal itself (especially when incidents happen) ..

2 years back, just for the sake of my cat, aiming at giving him the very best of everything, i had researched much on basically anything - life, food, environment, behavior, you-name-it.

for these cumulative efforts, i firmly say that "these are the facts that i based on to raise n care for my cat". don't believe it if you must, but don't Judge me n fought me just because what i said is different than what you Think is right. did you put in as much effort with your judgment as i did with mine ?? did you spent as much time researching what you just threw at me ?? didn't you yourself showered my cat with praises when you are holding him ??

so you see, it is not the topic that triggers me, it is my efforts versus yours. regardless of my efforts, i was overthrown with your single Common Sense statement - "cat eats fish". my knowledge or research are not being respected just because it conflicted with your typical common sense thingy, it angers me unavoidably. yet contradictorily, you like what you see when you are holding my cat. how can anyone not be angry when their efforts are threw out the window n being laugh at in the review-mirror ?? *grunts*

enough of my grumbling, here are some Facts based on researches done, on the topic "should cat eat leftover bones?":

As long as the fish is fed Raw and preferably in its entire form, bones should not be an issue.
- taken from Feeding Fish to Your Dogs and Cats.

Fish bones are dangerous to cats than any other bones.
- taken from 277 Secrets Your Cat Want You to Know.

Be careful when disposing of kitchen scraps, especially bones. Bones are dangerous, especially soft bones such as fish. Bones can lodge in your cat's throat and cause choking or fatal punctures.
- taken from Tips for the Care of Your New Cat.

Fish may be given once a week. That should be boiled and all the bones removed, as cats have sometimes been badly choked with fish bones. Meat and fish should be fresh.
- taken from Friends and Helpers.

Always check for bones before you let your cat eat table scraps of meat, poultry, or fish. Bones can get caught in a cat's mouth or, if swallowed, can get stuck in the digestive tract.
- taken from Cat Health Care.

these statements should be enough to answer the question. the list could go on forever if i want to .. the conclusion is "cat should only be fed Raw fish. not cooked or leftover fish".

most of the time, i'm open to new ideas or comments. but believe me n stop provoking me when i do not sway in my position, for i'll definitely have strong supports to base my theories on, good reasons to back me up (n fight back if you push me to my limits ..)

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