Friday, October 26, 2007

A Melody Looking 缘邀知音 (2006)

A Melody Looking

this is Leon's first movie attempt. somehow, i don't quite understand it. is this even a movie ?? *puzzled* though it is said to be a Musical, but somehow (or at least in my imagination or from my past experience) Musical are suppose to be much more interesting n entertaining ?? maybe something like Disney's High School Musical ?? you won't find any sparkle or magic in this movie. the plot is scattered n the actings are not believing. it lacks of purpose. i dragged myself through it, doing other stuff while watching the movie simultaneously. i won't recommend the movie .. only watch it if you are a fan of Janice or Jill.

some background on the movie:
- director: Leon (黎明)
- released: 2006
- casts: Janice (卫兰), Jill (卫诗), Chapman (杜汶泽), Leon (黎明)
- language: Cantonese/English
- genre: Musical

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