Saturday, October 20, 2007

Matthew Medvedev

Matthew Medvedev

remember baby matthew from jackie's "Rob-B Hood (2006)" ?? looked through jackie's blog and found some recent photographs of his, sent by his mum to jackie. we were so in love with baby matthew back then. so adorable n eye-catching !! *snuggles*

9 months old (March, 2006) ..

2 years old (September, 2007) ..
Matthew with sister (Ganne) n brother (Derek) ..


  1. huh? didn't know anything about that movie! ever since I came here, I'm no longer updated on the new movies. :(
    thanks for constantly doing film reviews. ^-^

  2. hehe sure, no problemo~ :)
    i love movies, sometimes dramas or series. i'll try to keep you as updated as i can with my posts !! :)

  3. ya, he is so cute >.<
    muz b a liang zai when grow up.

  4. agreed !! sure hope it is possible to follow his growth. n probably will see him on screen next time. :D