Sunday, October 21, 2007

Visualizing My Fairytale.

overthrown by an unexpected conversation. a conversation so normal, yet has such great Impact! on me.

in each other's embraces, he spoke seriously right beside my ear. i listened tentatively, his voice still buzzing in my head. he continued with every little details that crossed his mind. soon after, fairytale-like images started to form itself in my head - scenes that i wouldn't even dare to dream of. scenes that inspire me, motivate me ..

the future, without doubts, would carry much challenges. somehow, most conceivably blinded by joy, i welcome them with open arms. looking forward to tackle them one after another, with the aim of arriving at the Advance level.

what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

wasn't dare to give similar conversation much thought previously. afraid every dream bubble would burst, afraid to be buried n cloaked forever in disappointment, especially if i were to uncover that i was only daydreaming all along, n worst - daydreaming Alone .. *shaking it off* now lifted from all these tauting doubts, i felt contentment filling me. as light as a bird, i'm able to express myself openly at pleasure.

finally freeing my mind. n able to let it build its very own fairy tale. Yes, i Do believe in fairytale. i believe in the existence of "happily ever after" (with a little more consistent effort attached to it). i'm, after all, a 100% Disney "worshiper" ..

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