Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Brothers 兄弟 (2007)


五虎将” was formed in the 80's. the members are: Andy (刘德华), Felix (黄日华), Michael (苗侨伟), Ken (汤镇业), n Tony (梁朝伟). the reason Tony isn't joining the other 4 members for this movie, is because he was in “色·戒” (also named: lust, caution - 2007), which filmed at parallel timing. it is a Must Watch for Hong Kong movie lover. another movie that will probably become quite a classic .. the plot isn't complicated despite having multiple strong casts. it is about a chain of activities resulted from the death of a mob leader. n how it influence the relationship of two brothers (Michael n Eason). the rest of the casts are police inspectors (Andy n 林家栋), enemy (Ken) n buddy (Felix). i was impressed by Felix's performance in this film. although mostly he served as a background character, shadowy with his sunglasses thingy, but he outshone Michael by miles. Michael tried to be heroic as his character required him to. n it kinda annoyed me. pushing his close ones around without giving any reasonable explanation, he portrayed typical older generation adults !! *grunts*

some backgrounds on the movie:
- also named: 兄弟之生死同盟
- director: Sung Kee Chiu (赵崇基)
- released: 2007
- casts: Michael (苗侨伟), Felix (黄日华), Ken (汤镇业), Andy (刘德华), Eason (陈奕迅), Lam Ka Tung (林家栋)
- language: Cantonese (Mandarin in cinema)
- genre: Action


  1. I think it worth to watch in cinema :P

  2. yup agreed !! totally a classic to catch. ;)