Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Impy's Island (2006)

Impy's Island

this is a German computer-animated feature film. it was said that "it is difficult for anybody who didn’t grow up in Germany to appreciate the story's impact". Urmel -the dinosaur- (or Impy in the English version) has became the official mascot of Germany’s national ice-hockey team. this animation is quite average. of course it wasn't even close to Disney's or Pixar's Happy Feet, Finding Nemo etc. it was a more more simpler version of those. Impy talked ruder then i expected for a kid's animation. *chuckles* but the actions are of course very adorable. definitely an enjoyable n relaxing animation.

some backgrounds on the animation:
- also known as: Urmel aus dem Eis
- director: Reinhard Klooss, Holger Tappe
- released: 2006
- voice casts: Domenic Redl, Stefan Krause
- language: German/English
- genre: Animation


  1. huh, i nvr watched this cartoon before....

  2. i'm not surprised. it is not a popular animation to start with. English is actually a translation, the original language is German. hehe.