Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tag: Health

I was tagged by -sani-.
1. what is your definition of ‘healthy eating’? - increase the nutrient, reduce the junk.

2. do you exercise on a regular basis? - yup, minimum weekly. maximum once every 2 days. what is your favorite form of exercise? - i enjoy exercises that stretch me out n make me sweat a lot. one of my favorites is dance. least favorite? - exercise that required me to be hung upside down ?? haha. can't think of anything else.

3. do you take vitamin supplements? - yup. some sort of fish oil thingy .. ask my mum .. 
4. can you tell that your body is getting older? if so, how? - yup. basically just feel it ??
5. would you call yourself healthy? - definitely trying hard to be. at least i haven't been sick for quite a while.


  1. health is important without health there's nothing to joy about!! so enjoy ur healthy lifestyle!!!:)

  2. 宝茹: hehe. waiting to see yours. ;)

    aron wong dot com: yup yup, can't agree more. with health, there are so much we can do. ;)