Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mahoraba まほらば ~ Heartful Days (2005)

Mahoraba ~ Heartful Days

a heart warming n funny series. my favorite character is Sayoko Kurosaki (黒崎沙夜子), an irresponsible yet loving mother of Asami Kurosaki (黒崎朝美). her constantly blur personality makes her very, very adorable !! Shiratori Ryuushi (白鳥隆士) is a young artist-in-training. arriving at his new lodgings, Narutakisou (鳴滝荘), he meets the other residents, each with their own characteristic n story. he fell for the lovely landlady, Aoba Kozue (蒼葉梢). however, Kozue is not what she seems to be... in fact, she's has multiple personalities.

some backgrounds on the anime:
- episodes: 26
- director: Shinichiro Kimura (木村真一郎)
- released: 2005
- language: Japanese
- genre: Comedy/Family


  1. 那青色头发的女孩蛮可爱的...=)

  2. 呵呵!她是 Asami-chan,很单纯的一个小女孩哦,也很照顾她那模模糊糊的妈妈。哈哈,很可爱!:)