Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chef At Home

located near Hui Sing (Kuching), Chef at Home offers varieties of western food. it is setup at a house, with roofs extensions, so pretty much offers a homey-feeling.

the food ain't bad at all, the soup-in-bread was one of a kind, making the crunchy bread very yummy. the meat was nicely grilled, topped with delicious sauces (black pepper/mushroom). the pasta however, was too buttery to my preference. i prefer cheesy than buttery, which caused the pasta to taste like milk powder .. *shivers*


  1. hey, any direction of where this place is? why i never hear about it. hehe =D

  2. it's near HuiSing roundabout. not flashy maybe caused it is a housing area. hehe. :P