Thursday, January 03, 2008


felt much calmer lately, at least i haven't been hiding my existence n weep silently. like -xian- told me earlier on, to "shed only the tears of happiness". i guess i was kinda mourning .. thank you n appreciate so much for the Emotional Supports that i'd received all these while.

on Christmas 2007, -wang wang- had officially became my new Cuddly Companion - extra comfort especially during movie-watching-session ..


  1. gambateh! may the new year brings new hope!

    but anyway, you know whatever happens, there's a bunch of frens supporting you from behind.. (including Mr Prim3 and his plastic companions of coz.. )(or should I say plastic lovers.. muahaha)

  2. Prim3 n his otaku-ism indeed .. :p thx prim3, you're the Best !! i know you are. :D