Thursday, June 05, 2008


-deimos- 的一篇文章让我突然有个启示。他说的一点也不错,在两人之间,女生通常是脾气比较不好的那个。但非常、非常少数的女生能够找到一个了解这“莫名其妙的脾气”,而不跟她们计较的男生。(姐妹们,如果你找到了,可千万别放手哦!)





  1. 感谢你啦。。。

  2. agree!!!!so until now I am still alone.........bcoz classical music will not 发脾气 to me=p

    maybe something wrong...........

  3. Thanks for the mention and link love yo! :D

    What does this mean?



    Men and Women were never made to be equal in the first place. :)

  4. 梦幻园主之雯: 这可不是公平不公平,不是吗,呵呵!就像感情里,没谁对、也没谁错一样。

    joshua: you n your music theory again !! XD

    deimos: [幸せにするね] means "wishing you happiness!", or in more direct translation, means "let's be happy!". ;)

  5. 嗯, 我超喜欢你的这篇文章哦... 很有意思的...

    我很赞成你所说的, 男生应该好好地了解女生为何会发脾气, 然后以适当的态度去面对她们...

    简单一句,“不然孩子由你来生好吗”, 这句很棒呢!!!! 佩服!!!

    男女都是平等的, 所以我们要好好珍惜身边的每一个人啊...

    对了, 你拍的照片是几点啊?

  6. hello hello.. haha thanks for visiting my blog.. haha compared to yr blog, my blog is a real kiddy thing la.. hahaha childish i would say =)

    haha thanks for the advice.. well, so far this thing didn't happen to me yet.. but erm I just don't feel good for the girl la.. hahaha kiddy mind i have =P haha yr blog is nice.. just that I can;t understand chinese writing =( hahaha

  7. hahaha...........oh classical music.........XD

  8. akira: 我还挺怕说了会让男生讨厌呢,呵呵!嗯,现在若不珍惜,等到他们离开了才来后悔,就太迟了…我拍照的时间,应该是七点左右。放工时间,等他们收拾时拍的。:)

    josephine: i can't imagine how much effort you need to put in just to make it "kiddy" (which i would call it "colourful"). lets just hope she doesn't get stepped down just because of the words spoken by such insensitive guy.

    joshua: come back !! you're floating away again. XD

  9. I have this bad temper as well since I'm a girl but I consider myself better than my younger sister

    My ex had it enough when I was throwing my temper and broke it off with me >.> (I always get emotional and angry when I'm having my period too)

    Now I try to control my temper and it is much better for me and my current bf. We try to talk instead of arguing and I'm trying my best not to get angry when I'm disagreeing to certain stuff.

  10. okok......come 'backed'=)
    you know when I listen Beethoven, I'm his fren.
    when I listen Bach, I'm his student
    when I listen Mozart,I'm his peer
    when I listen Tchaikovsky, I'm his relative......


  11. elezend: i suppose another word to rephrase "angry" is "discomfort" ?? it just felt so grumpy that everything isn't right. but i guess we do learn overtime, to control n re-channel our emotions. ;)

    joshua: *faint* you "purposely" float further away, didn't you !! XD

  12. NICE
    loved the picture even though i didn't get the speech :)

    but i think part of it is in deimos post

    @ levian : please consider putting some translations :D [English Talker here ]

  13. want to live in ancient time......want go to I oso like chinese classical music........

    very 可惜 is..........until now, I still can not find some girl her 兴趣 is same with know this is so suffer......sigh.........XD,=p

    now listen ancient egypt music.....I back to 2000 years.....hahahaha

  14. ameo: my bad. :P very seldom i wrote Mandarin posts, only for certain topics, targeted especially to us Asians. hehe. :P

    joshua: i think .. i'm gonna stop asking you to "come back". you're having fun floating further n further !! XD how exactly does "ancient egypt music" sounds like ?? *curious*

  15. Lol levian, I didn't take chinese classes although I'm asian but I learnt my chinese from online gaming and watching tv's subtitles (Surprising, isn't it?)

    Translated version:

    Deimos wrote a post about girl's temper is the worst between both genders which I agreed on. But, it is very hard to find a guy who can understand the reason why girls have such (sudden) temper. (Sisters, if you found such a guy, never let him go)

    My mom ever said petty is a girl's right. If a guy got angry because of our (sudden) temper, it's time for a guy to start learning about girls (Since we have the right to do so). -This one is very hard to translate lol- If you aren't happy, give birth to the kids instead of asking us girls to do so.

    The drastic changes of our emotions is highly influenced by our female hormone (As simple as that). So, guys... during the (sudden) changes of our temper, try your best to be understanding and care more about your girlfriend. For sure, she will love you more and more for being such a great guy :)

  16. dont always blame the "hormone" wei...mayb need to put more efforton "entility" eh...:p

    According to the chinese sinsei, bad temper can harm guy's liver & cause breast cancer in women...belief it or not?

  17. elezend: you seriously learn all that from gaming n subtitles ?? *jaw dropped* you a language genius !! :D

    amei: now don't blame us for not putting effort. trust us, we Do !! ask around, you'll notice most of us (girls) do learn from the hard way. but that doesn't mean to trap our emotions 24/7, you do have your temper too sometimes, don't you ?? n all it takes is to trigger that gentleman inside, to understand us just a little bit more when we have our temper. now that requires "effort" too, similar isn't it ?? ;)

  18. Well, I do have the advantage of knowing how to speak and listen to Chinese in the first place so it was quite easy.

  19. n i thought most of those who doesn't not know chinese, think that those characters looks like a bunch of symbols. you being able to catch it n learn through subtitles, is indeed very impressive !! :D