Friday, June 06, 2008

Blogthings: Blogger Type

shared by -alf-, to discover "What Kind of Blogger Are You?". she is a "Life Blogger", while i'm a "Pundit Blogger". another discovery !! :D

You Are a Pundit Blogger!

- Your blog is smart, insightful, and always a quality read.
- Truly appreciated by many, surpassed by only a few.


  1. i'm IT blogger......but what i like is classical music,literature, art, actually IT also include,cooks,web,fashion,'makeup',and...........

    why seems like so many of them???XD

    maybe I'm blogger type is blogger.....-.-|||

  2. but actually the 'pundit' really scare me....

    u know 'pundit' in tamil is what meaning?=p

  3. i think that makes you a "life blogger", to blog about any discoveries that cross your path. ;) herm .. i have a bad feeling about your definition of "pundit", it's not something good, is it ??

  4. haha sure.. linked you =) anyway thanks for telling me that my blog is colourful =)

  5. prounce "pundek" is 脏话。。。。。。。。

    but cannot 'scold' you (straight translate,no know people no sin....)

    can understand???hahaha

    so,more language you know.....more troublesome you cast.....just like sotong.....yummy is it?
    you know in korean,what is it meaning?=)

  6. hahaha thanks.. it's just that I have ample time at home now.. holidays ma.. hahaha anyway i think it's nicer with colours so that ppl actually READ MY BLOG!! hahaha coz usually ppl see pics only =(

  7. HMMM,.

    I am a snarky blogger..hmmm

    p/s: Yes, here I am again... Suddenly appearing..

    and off I go.... =p

  8. josephine: thanks for the link exchange, i've added yours as well.

    you've got your point there, the common bloggers does only look at photographs. but Regular visitor will most probably read through a long paragraphs of wordings just to understand your thought a little bit more. ;)

    joshua: wow .. haha yup, i can understand your "mandarin phrase". no, don't tell me "sotong" in korean is another vulgar ??

    cometh: *screams after before cometh ran off* what's a snarky blogger ?? *blurred*

  9. sotong = tahi dont say eat sotong when have korean people around........hahahaha
    this is my link.....almost the songs is me composed....listen it when you are free=p


  10. Haha, I'm a life blogger, not bad!!! Yeah, same as my life now, everyday also post up the interesting post for the day... hehe...

  11. love these blogging quizes
    it's really good way to spend some time Off

  12. joshua: my guess is .. you're a fan of jay ?? you sing rather well !! *impressed*

    akira: indeed !! we're having fun reading your daily posts as well. :D

    ameo: n not forgetting, a little discoveries here n there. ;)

  13. I can't even vote yet... how am I supposed to choose which one for my answer?

    Anyway, my result is the same as yours, hehe

  14. Not only mine, myself also enjoy to read your daily post as well! That's why I will be here once I online... hehe ^^

  15. hahaha pundit.. nv noe tis word exist

  16. elezend: opps, i guess only "imagination" works here. glad to have you aboard !! :D

    akira: it's pretty cool to build up some frequent readers network, won't you say ?? ;)

    sharon: definition taken from, Pundit means "a person who makes comments or judgments, especially in an authoritative manner; critic or commentator". :)

  17. Life blogger ;p I'm a boring guy hahahah

  18. no........I'm fans of classical music.....but many ppl said my song have jay's feel???

    anyway,the song about "petrol" was uploaded yesterday.Did you listen it???=)

  19. Yeah, I still remembered I added you since the start of my blog... That goes to my beginning of the network... Pretty cool!

  20. marcus: you're anything but boring !! roller blading on the beach at night .. XD

    joshua: yup, i listened to that video first. such a catchy tune !! "涨!涨!涨!涨!涨!" XD i think it's because you rapped it, jay too rap his classical. n therefore gives a pretty similar feeling to your song.

    akira: it was that long ago ?? wow, impressive indeed !! :D we didn't start commenting on each other's blogs right away, right ??

  21. Yup, from the starting point we did not comment each other for so long... But dont know since when we have started to do so... Think back also feel very impressive!

  22. i too lost track when did we started commenting on each other's blog. if we were to still be commenting after a year, then That, seriously is even more impressive !! XD

  23. For one year? I think we can do it! Let's do the impressive works again! hehe...

  24. my mentor used to tell me: "it took 21 days' consistencies to actually develop a Habit." i guess if we did went through that 21 days, the rest would be rather easy. ;)

  25. Is it? I never heard that phrase before, but now I know, from you and your mentor!

    I guess we went through not only 21 days, but gone through for more than that!

    Yeah, I cherish the friendship between us very much!

  26. yalor....................classical music.......takes some time to listen it.....

    the song that i sing, usually I oso listen for 10 times then will boring......bcoz classical more better....

    another songs, i oso treat them like that........nothing song can compare with classical music=p

  27. It takes 7 times for you to remember something

    21 times if you've forgotten after the 7 times

    21 days to develop a habit

    and one day to break the habit

  28. Pundit...that sounds funny. :P

    Woah! I just noticed your cute elephant pointer! :)

  29. akira: that's very cool to know !! i guess it would be quite easy to reach the target. count me in for the "cherish" part too !! ;)

    joshua: you're a Huge fan of classical. no, you're a Gigantic fan !! it's pretty impressive to find youngsters nowadays to enjoy classical. :D

    elezend: sweet !! you've got an even detailed version of it. it's so much easier to obtain a bad habit, but difficult for good one.

    宝茹: don't think funny thoughts, i know you are. XD the elephant pointer thingy can only be viewed by IE, hehe.

  30. I think our bond of friendship will tight together until forever, I believe in that too! So I hope you will cherish with me together!

    Glad to know you more throughout this!

  31. am glad to hear what you've just spoken. as long as i don't bored you with my emotional-thingy. hehe. :P it does occur to me quite often. as fast as it comes, it left as soon also.

  32. I wont get bored of your problems, as long you dont mind to tell me of what you have thought in your mind...

    Sharing and supporting each other are what friends should use to do, right?

  33. sometimes it does get difficult to voice out what i meant. *staggered* but thank you so much for your support !! :)

  34. Haha, I wont, and I will try to ask you what happened also, so dont worry ya!

    Yeah, support each other ya! hehe ^^