Friday, February 22, 2008

Tag: Magazine

i was tagged by -orange- to complete a tag by creating a magazine cover with my own photograph. n here goes ..

the person i treasured most is my Sister. can't imagine living this life without her !!

try recalling any anime that says "i wanna be my father's bride when i grow up", i'm the one saying "i wanna be my sister's bride". *chuckled* she totally rules my world .. oh wait, that comes out rather strong .. no, she doesn't, but definitely has Great Influence towards my life.

ain't that enough to be considered "TruLove" ??


  1. Phewwww wittttttt......

    ***quickly runs away and hide***


  2. Wow. Envy your relationship with your sister. Hehe.

  3. You both have a strong relationship and lovely also... Envy lar... hehe...

    Nice picture and you are pretty!!!

  4. Awwww~~~ :)

    Sibling relationships are always nice! :D

  5. u hv good relationship wif ur sis.
    how nice >.<

  6. u have quite a memorable photo there, coz..besides u and ur sis, also u got the Eyes of Malaysia which is no more there!! :P

  7. *blushed big time* thank you, all, so much for the compliments !! :D