Friday, March 21, 2008


cousins .. ;)


  1. Hi Levian, thanks for your comment!!!!

    I started writing my posts both in italian and english, but the short story I wrote last night was too complicate to translate! @_@
    Anyway, it's a very short story about ghosts!!! ^^
    The picture is from the (beautiful) anime Ghost Hound: do you know it? Do you like it?

    Enjoy your weekend!!!!

  2. i like it!!! sooo adorable!^^ hihi..

  3. Kawaiii...... very cute indeed!!!


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  5. francy: wow ghost story !! i rarely watch or read any, it makes my hair stands. :D

    elmo: glad you liked them !! ;)

    cometh: thanks for the tag !! i've completed it. tag: friendship chain ;)

    kljs: nop they are not mine. just a picture i took from the Internet. :p

    webcam: am glad you enjoy your stay at my blog !! would be glad to exchange links with you, just let me know when you're ready. ;)

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