Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gaming: Cabal

i admit being rather competitive ("kiasu" as we called it locally) at the early stage. the game soon turned dull n unattractive. it is, indeed, a signal to start evaluating the attitude thingy .. as a result, the negative thoughts were abandoned soon after. "kiasu-ism" declared Failed to rule me !! as the emotion faded, i'm once again enjoying the game at my very own pace !! *peace*

it's all a matter of Perspectives. in fact, it is "just" a game. start comparing n competing, it's gonna lose it's main purpose (Fun!). can't wait for more discovery - on the game, n Myself !!

sword skill ..

proud Warriors !! :D


  1. This game really that good har? You always post about this.

    The swords are very big. O_O

    I am still playing Perfect World, got a level 19 Human Warrior. :)

    This Cable, got Malaysian server, means no lag loh, right?

    Free to play right? How do they make money? -_-

  2. "always" ?? i think it's only the second post of Cabal .. :p well, then again, maybe because it is Hot in my list right now. i'm the definition of "addiction" for now. XD

    i actually choose Warrior because of the swords. there's this thing about girls + swords that attracts me. ;)

    not experiencing much lagging so far. but there is few different types of accounts to create, including free n Non-free.

    limitations are given to the Free accounts, such as slower leveling. where else the Non-free accounts enjoy more cool stuffs n benefits !!