Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gaming: Cabal

some more screen shots of the game i'm currently playing. scroll down for more links !!

level 50+ back then ..

now level 70+ !!

no, i did Not kill him ..

n we have No FLYing skills ..


  1. So your character is piggy and your boy friend's character is purin har? :D

    The graphics does not look that awesome to me, not set at max details and stuff? -_-

    Game play wise, looks like lots of statistic to grind, and weapons to loot? :D

    How big is the client ha?

    For myself, quite seldom for me to come across hardcore gaming girls like you. O_O

  2. Haha, gaming again! Looks like your character is awesome! hehe... Silver suit and big weapon, yeah!

  3. I never liked Cabal because you need to keep grinding plus you are allowed to macro in game (if I'm not mistaken)

    I think purin is levian and piggy is levian's bf because of the gender of the character @.@

  4. you always have to keep wacking and wacking and wacking....

    that the nature of MMORPG...


  5. deimos tel`arin: i'll take that as a compliment. ;) nope, the graphic isn't set to the max. hehe. else my PC's gonna lag, n i'll die before i'm able to do anything. XD

    the game client is about 800mb (here is the link: cabalSEA)

    akira: there are still 2 more suits to come !! can't wait !! *jumps around excitedly*

    elezard: you've got the guessing right, hehe, we were just playing each other's character at that time. :P what is macro ?? i would consider leveling in cabal to be less frustrating than a lot of online games.

    keong: haha indeed !! as long as it doesn't turned into frustration, i suppose "whacking" is pretty much Fun !! :D

  6. [what is macro ??]

    A function that allows you to perform actions automatically.

    I think that briefly explains it.

  7. oh my god... this game... MMORPG ruin my life :(
    I wrote something about MMORPG game and Blogging Just a Simple Story about my story when I was a gamer... I miss that time...
    last game I play MMORPG is Rising Force RF, I think its quite famous in Asia.

  8. elezard? I got merged with charizard!

    deimos explained it well ^^ sometimes you just need to press A to attack or ` to attack nearby monster.

    The traditional way is to put a heavy thing on that particular keyboard button and you can go afk

    Or you can download hotkey to auto press A

  9. u r totally game addicted i guess.
    how many hours u spent a day for gaming?

  10. deimos tel`arin: they do have an "auto attack", which only happens after you click the mob to attack. after it died, you'll just stand there again. XD

    mxyzplk: "MMORPG ruin my life" ?? i'd read that passage during my last visit to your blog. but how did it ruin your life exactly ?? *curious*

    elezend: *sweat* my bad !! sorry !! i got you mixed up with the .. herm .. mobs in cabal. the traditional way you mentioned, doesn't work for cabal though, cause you need to click the next monster to attack. it doesn't automatically select (well, unless botting). :P

    amei79: i try to play everyday if i can, since leveling has become rather difficult. but it all depends on how tired i'm after work. XD

  11. lol... long story... maybe 3 years dark age :D
    and for the widget/plugin... just wait hehehe...

  12. haha, it's okay. Some of the new games can be played that way... for instance neo steam where you only need to press ` to locate closest monster, ` to attack and ` to loot

  13. ouch.. I used my blogger account

  14. mxyzplk: dark age !! oh my .. can't imagine such huge impact. sure thing, i can wait. hehe. ;)

    nakichiam/elezend: it took me quite a while to understand what you meant by "I used my blogger account". XD it would be so convenient if allowed in cabal too. i won't have to stick myself in front of the monitor. :P

  15. yeah my dark age... you can imagine that I ran from my house for 2 month just because GAME!!! hahahaha...
    oh Im going to make a contest :D I hope you interested to participate. an EC contest...

  16. wow, that was extreme !! *wide eyed* sure thing, will definitely give my support when you have it up, do update me !! :D