Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Magic Chocolate.

what happens when you have friends who Stressed over assignments n exams, especially during this exam's peak season ??

help them study ?? no .. help them complete the assignments ?? no .. encourage them with words ?? maybe, but no words are ever powerful enough .. that left Chocolate the only choice ..

Chocolate affect the brain by causing the release of certain neurotransmitters (molecules that transmit signals between neurons). The amounts of particular neurotransmitters can have a great impact on our mood.

Happy neurotransmitters (such as endorphins) can help to reduce stress and lead to feelings of pleasure and happiness.

Chocolate affects the levels of endorphins in the brain. Eating chocolate increases the levels of endorphins released into the brain. It works to lessen pain and decrease stress.

Another common neurotransmitter affected by chocolate is serotonin. Serotonin is known as an anti-depressant.

Another unique neurotransmitters released by chocolate is phenylethylamine. It causes changes in blood pressure and blood-sugar levels leading to feelings of excitement and alertness. It increase mood and decrease depression, but it does not result in addiction.

Phenylethylamine is also called the "love drug" because it causes your pulse rate to quicken, resulting in a similar feeling to when someone is in love.

so what are you waiting for ?? go get them some Chocolate to make their day Magical !! *waving the mystical wand*


  1. 我考试没有压力的, 因为我懂得处理压力咯... 哈... 你看我在考试期间还是那么潇洒的咯... 哈哈... 可是我还是会去读书咯...

    嗯, 我也知道吃巧克力可以消除压力咯, 因为我也喜欢吃啊... 嘻嘻...

  2. Too much chocolate is bad for teeth, and blood sugar level. -_-

    Plus, can easily get yeet hei or 发热气 then become sore throat. O_O


    One way to deal with stress is to look at it from a different perspective perhaps.

    Easier said than done, hah! :D

  3. I also eat chocolate when I'm not in good mood >.>

    But then, studying for exam is not stressful to me >.<

  4. 喔喔,好可爱的巧克力,可是我并不爱吃。

  5. akira: 我也是挺喜欢巧克力耶,但偏爱黑的(Dark chocolate)。但是全根据我的情绪决定,多数是偏好咸的食品、有时才是甜的,呵呵

    deimos tel`arin: don't get me wrong when i say it can destress, i didn't exactly meant eating it for all meals. XD in fact, All Food can't be eaten to the extreme. i just meant chocolate has the similar effect (without resulting to addiction like coffee or cigarettes).

    elezend: "studying for exam is not stressful". wow, you must have prepared very well before time. *amazed* :D

    linqian: 有原因不喜欢吗?很难才找到一个呢!*好奇*

  6. Dark Chocolate哦, 我不大喜欢咯, 因为太苦了... 我比较喜欢White Chocolate... 嘻嘻... 我也喜欢吃零食呢... =)

  7. Chocolate... NOt if you wanna make your friend fat and get an outbreak of pimples due to the heatiness. Duh..youre evil!
    If chocolate is my reliever and i'm stress, i'm bound to take alot of it...

    I think exercise and activities that would work up a sweat will be good. hahaha! Oh. tell your friend to try sex. That's what those female mags recommend. MUahahaha!!

  8. Imagine.. *wave your magic wand* and your victim turns to.. CinderFATlla with bad skin. Thanks alot Fiendy God Mother! hehehe

  9. akira: 白的不会很甜吗?我喜欢黑的也是因为它不那么甜,呵呵!这么说来,你不喜欢纯正咖啡咯?

    ma_r_cus: you evil villain in a smiling mask !! twisting my intention as always !! *stomps so hard a cracking sound was heard*

    you must have tried that didn't you ?? stuffed yourself with mountains of chocolates ?? *smirk*

  10. I prefer chocolate then white chocolate as well. Hi, everybody. I am new here, do come to visit my blog when you're free

  11. chocalate???
    you know when I was small age,my friend and I found this word is hard to spell.So we use an another method to memorize it.

    we pronounce it in "cho-co-la-te"
    but not chocolate, you know what I mean???hahhaah=p

  12. 不过厚~~

  13. alvincheng: thanks for dropping by !! heading over right now. ;)

    joshuaun: haha !! you do have some unique sense of humour. XD


  14. 哈哈, 我不大喜欢和纯正的咖啡咯, 太苦了... 还是CAPPUCINO最适合我...

  15. Lol, yea i tried it eating 8 chocolate buns in one night last year. And its only for dinner. Caused a few boils to appear on my face. Gosh!

    Erm the cracking sound is your your foot right... *sigh*.. let me help you bandage it.. what a kind hearted person i am. Where to find this kind of friend..where where?

  16. Yay!!! Chocolate is heaven's food!!!

  17. akira: 那么,你是偏好甜食品的咯?呵呵,新发现。:P

    ma-r-cus : evil villains always have a sad story behind, that's usually the cause for them to turn evil. now now, i do understand. *pat pat* (where to find such kinda hearted friend ??)

    宝茹: huge chocolate lover spotted !! :D

  18. _|_

    well my facebook did say i'm an evil's accomplice waiting for someone to melt my frozen heart. lol

  19. no wonder i eat chocolates at stressful periods haha

  20. ma-r-cus: what is that sign !! don't you dare be rude around here !! *shake fist*

    quachee: your instinct guide you well !! :D