Tuesday, April 08, 2008

yuki (ゆき、雪)..

my nosy little Punk was rather hyper this morning. running to n fro among us, circling our legs. "bonding" as i would called it. even care to help checked the car !! a natural Volunteer he is .. ;)


  1. Give me Yuki phone number....

    Next time I have car problem I call..


  2. awww, yuki is so aborable. i love cats too. :)

    yuki is so neat and pretty. my cats love the outdoor, they often get dirty. :(

  3. Wow, open a car workshop. :)

  4. maybe the cat is "doremon"...


  5. Wah, wat is she doing? searching for rat???

  6. cometh: he may be out of reach most of the time. it's a territory thingy, if you get what i mean. XD

    caca: yuki is rarely home also. haha. but whenever he's home, he will spend hours cleaning himself.

    neo: when he's rarely around ?? :p

    keong: doraemon !! my my .. that's absolutely something i didn't think of. XD

    akira: "HE" is .. well, i'm not sure either. haha. maybe i should ask. :p

  7. really can fix or not? After modify until the car like F1 car how?


  8. wah~~ this picture--i like very much!!! yuki looks so cute here! :)

  9. haha, ask him lar... hehe... I wanna to see u communicate with cat... hehe...

  10. Ooh! So cute! Hahaha..so nice can give car service. x3

  11. kljs: F1 huh .. herm .. maybe he does have some hidden ability or some sort. XD

    宝茹: a once in a blue moon shot. haha. but he is definitely nosy. maybe i can find some other poses next time !! :D

    akira: cat language - blink stop blink blink blink stop.
    human language - i am communicating with you. (or not .. don't mind me. XD)

    fahriee: lets not include how the car will turn out to be. :p