Sunday, June 01, 2008


an unintentional conversation broke me from within. too eager i longed to abandon this pain. yet recovery isn't as easy as i hoped. being dazed for the rest of the day, the sighing that i'd tried so hard avoiding, took control of me.

walking through the crowd with a smile on my face, tears welled up in my eyes. some escaped, n was (fortunately) mistaken as tiredness. the pain wouldn't stop tightening its grip on my heart.

breathless, i was consumed .. by a scar that still hurts ..

放す、お願い ..


  1. Such a young age got heart attack? O_O

    Why pain?

    Some bad guy hurt you?

  2. Pain? eat 2 tablet of panadol. haha!!!

    chatbox missing! chatbox missing! LOL!

  3. 我回来了... 又再次来到你的家哦...

    嗯, 你拍的照片哦, 好像身在日本呢... 嘻嘻...

    怎么啦, 发生什么事情了? 可以告诉我吗?

  4. When this kind of pain gets to you, try your best to get through the day as normally as you can(no matter how poorly you are at it), knowing that all pain heals with time. Youre bound to do better the next time round.
    When the time comes that the pain alleviates, nothing is left but a much wiser person reborned~Like new plantlings thrive on old rotten wood. By then, you would have already been much stronger than you were before. Its good you pour out your sorrows to channels where people can comfort you for it speeds up your recovery process. Don't worry, its a good sign that you're on a good road to recovery. Everyone here is behind you all the way i believe. Take care~

  5. elezend: *nod nod*

    deimos: heart attack .. XD more like heartache. hehe.

    pui: it's gone, buahaha !! you will not see the chatbox ever again !!

    joshuaun: mo daijoubu. arigatou ne !! :)

    sharon: aw, that's so sweet of you, thanks. :)

    akira: 日本哦,棒!呵呵。回想一些事情,让我感觉之前我所逃避的伤心,突然回来“欺负”我。

    marcus: are you sure you're marcus ?? *joking* :P that's so sweet of you.

    i do get lead around by emotions, n people around me definitely do help in shifting the mood. as fast as it came, i'm so glad the gloominess finally left me alone. though i do not resent these feelings, but it still has to be depressing.

    using these emotions that i felt so strongly of, i'm able to write too. "experience is the power", i suppose. ;)

  6. 乖, 没事了... 不要去想那么多了, 好吗? 乖... 给你个温暖的抱抱吧... *Hug*

    我回来了!!! 可是你没上网哦? 最近你比较忙啊? 我还打算跟你畅谈呢... 嘻嘻...

  7. "will not see the chatbox ever again !!".....=.=" just like allen lo again. hmm..*curious*

  8. akira: 是哦,前几天比较忙。上网加了一篇文章,就累得得去睡觉了。根本来不及去你们的部落格走走看看。

    pui: huh ?? why did it remind you of him ?? i just wanted my visitors to get used of leaving comments, instead of just writing a "hi" blankly.

  9. 没关系啦, 最重要是你要得到充分的休息啊... 别让自己累坏了... 你要好好照顾自己哦...

  10. yaya.. i thk tat dude also has the same thought as yours... that's y he removed the chatbox early months already...
    chatbox missing, cant

  11. akira: 嗯,我会的,呵呵!最近是比较累,工作太多了,部落格都没时间拜访和打理。

    pui: oh, so we share the same thought !! *sensing* i think he misses us. ;)

  12. 你啊, 现在已经是两点了啊? 你还不要去睡啊? 你要早点休息的啊... 不要熬夜啊!!!

  13. Why pain? some one hurt u?
    anyway, people said: "no pain no gain!"... :D

  14. akira: 整晚被“骂”咯 … XD 放心吧,我并不常熬夜,也是心血来潮、久久一次而已。:)

    amei: true, we do indeed gain after recovering from every pain. i guess that's what matters after all. :)

  15. 还好咯, 可是你不可以一直熬夜的哦... 我看到你熬夜的话, 又要变成你的"妈妈"了... 哈哈... 不好意思哦...