Saturday, May 31, 2008


being shown Appreciations by 2 persons 2 days in a row is definitely the best reward one could get. just as a simple "thank you" never failed to lighten my day.
she was thankful for me always being there to support her, n to keep her company. over the years, -bun- n i has been each other's best emotional support, as we watch out for each other.

he was thankful for me paying him a visit before his took off to Australia. meeting him is important to me, as he is the very best Mentor that guide me through difficult times. he is the one showing me a living example of the power of perspectives.
my past relationship had cause me to have sorta phobia being shown inappreciativeness. having the table turned too much too often, my mind started playing tricks on me, so intense that i actually doubted myself. suffering from the aftermath, i'm still putting effort in allowing the past to pass me by, quitting the thought of everyone, too, doubt me like he did.

i guess that's how experience mold us .. not to mention, in a difficult way ..



  1. [everyone too doubt]

    Typo error? As in "too" should be "to" instead? o_O

    Sounds like you have a not too good relationship in the past ya?

    Good for you that you got friends that you can count on to in needy times for support yo! :D

  2. wats wib the deer in a crocodile farm.. later the crocs so hungry how?

  3. shit (omg)

    I'm from Miri =/

    I guess the world is just too small

    Btw, there's a blogger conference thingy in Curtin next thursday if you're going

  4. Well, I am very appreciative.... =p

  5. hi,

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  6. deimos tel`arin: opps, i was trying to mean "also". should be [everyone, too, doubt]. typo correct. hehe. :P yup, luckily i do have people to support me, emotionally especially !! ;)

    sharon: haha you're cute !! XD they are separated by fences, else i doubt we will have any deers to look at. XD

    elezend: what a small world indeed !! but i'm currently in kuching, i head back to miri for visiting earlier this year. :)

    cometh: you always showed up for the "correct" post !! *joking* XD

    filmasia: i've made the changes you requested. thanks again. hehe.

  7. 我想我得跟你讲谢谢咯...
    因为有你的祝福, 我的活动才能圆满结束呢...


  8. 我的力量没那么大吧,呵呵!*暗爽* 恭喜你哦!:D

  9. 有啊, 我在那边的时候就已经看你的部落格了, 只是没时间让我留言咯... 不好意思哦...


  10. 哦,没事的。你也忙嘛,能理解,呵呵!

  11. Why u took picture of cow in crocodile farm? Hehe

  12. *faint* it is a deer. XD there are crocodiles photographs as well, but in others posts. :P

  13. no you no me. (chinese)

    coming to this world and going through the life, the amazing tat we have each other.

    任何事情都是要我们亲身体验后,才知道其实我们比想象中更坚强,更懂得处理。 只要你和我明白自己的路要如何去走。我们都能彼此扶持到老。哈哈(肉麻)