Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Onimusha 新鬼武者: Dawn of Dreams (2008)

Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams

this is a full-length CG film based on its video game (PS2). basically formed by the game's CG cut scenes all put together. the starting graphic was Awesome !! said to be the best graphics for known RPGs. he was a samurai warrior who possesses the dark power of the Oni, who found out about his father's evil plot. with the help of his friends whom he met along the way, he set out to stop his father. n thus the journey began.

some backgrounds on the anime:
- episodes: 1
- director: Christophe Gans
- released: 2008
- language: Japanese
- genre: Action


  1. Ah!!! I wanna watch it too!! Can give me the link to download it? Hehe...

  2. hmm.. seems like nice wor..

    but i nvr watch anime before. keke~

  3. [basically formed by the game's CG cut scenes all put together.]

    There are some additional scenes to tie up those scenes in the game, right?

  4. Wow, cg guys are really good looking

    Sometimes you just wish they are real =/

    Anyway, I remember onimusha's character is based on Takeshi Kaneshiro? (Jing Cheng Wu)

  5. Cool , i ever watched the review of this game in the ps 2 version and the graphics really owesome :P

  6. akira: i would love to share (n being virtual pirates), but i watched the original dvd. :P

    天狼星: oh, you didn't enjoy anime ?? how about cartoons like disney ??

    deimos: in between those cut scenes would be the time where you'll be fighting the enemies. so it's like cut scenes, fight, cut scenes, fight, etc. n this "movie" is put together by all those cut scenes, that's all.

    elezend: yup, there are 2-3 versions of onimusha uses takeshiro as the character. i prefer this version a lot more. cg guys should remain cg, instead of real life people, that makes them Hot !! =3

    elmo: hope you'll enjoy it too !! :)

    : totally !! i heard even the fighting scenes rock very hard !! =3

  7. 感觉上好象在哪里见过................错觉????

  8. Aiya, I suppose I need to be the Prince of Pirates again! Haha... Guess you will know what I meant right? XD

  9. ah ya...i wanted to watch this...u just reminded me!

  10. True but then most of the time you wish they are real still >.<

    Man.. if only cloud strife was real.. but then some of the cosplayers did a good job in cosplaying him XD!

  11. joshua: 见过什么?anime 吗?

    akira: the game was out years ago but the anime (or rather, the cut scenes) are only out earlier this year. it should be available by now. ;P

    yipguseng: goodie !! glad to be able to "help". :)

    elezend: no, don't bring that up !! *falling along* if only kadaj is real too ..

  12. Thanks for sharing.
    Although I never finish this game, I love to watch the CG.

  13. apple: from what i heard, the game was awesome !! wanted to lay my hands on them so much. XD

  14. I had a kadaj cosplayer picture last time and that japanese dude did an extremely good job in it.

    Anyway, ang moh should never cosplay.

  15. elezend: i wanna see it !! i actually hoped to dye my hair his colour back then. but .. the effect, as describe, won't be what i expected. dang. XD