Thursday, July 10, 2008


how i wished to be outta town right now, to be away from all these fake smiles n backstabbing. has been eons since i last stare at the night sky within a warm embrace .. away from the neon lights n shimmering signboards.
can one be blamed for loving their sister too much ??
just when you thought you have been behaving yourself, it backfired. i guess he'll always be this way. i hope at least god cherish our hard work. i watched in Concern n Dread .. so this is the real colour of the guy she relies her life onto. the longer i hang around, a clearer picture reveals itself. why would one be surprised that she's struggling n rotting inside ??

may god give him guidance .. or at least free her from the torments.

うるさいなやつですね ..


  1. Sad case, at least I can get some pictures of what you are talking about inside...

    Why he cant just leave you all and be gone? Sorry for the harsh word here...

    By the way, the photo is too nice!!! Yeah, I hope you can chase your dream too!

  2. I believe that "he" is married to levian's elder sister? -_-

    [so this is the real colour of the guy she relies her life onto.

    同是天涯沦落人, 相逢何必曾相识

    Somehow, I have the same kind of feeling at the moment. >_<

    I have the most uneasy feeling that my beloved darling might be giving me the green cap to wear. -_-

    This is extremely hard breaking for me. Yeah, it is like say 5am-ish in the morning now, and I am feeling so sad. -_-

    Sorry for ranting out my feelings here, I guess I need to unleash it out somewhere or else I might go psycho. O_O

  3. It's nothing wrong to love your sister dearly >.<

    I love my sister because she is just too cute XD!

    I doubt your sister will listen to what you have to say cause you know some in love people won't listen to the others but you can try talking to her about it

  4. akira: i hope so too. it would be so much easier that way. but i guess out of 100%, most of the stuff didn't go the way we wanted. sure hope it does though ..

    deimos: your piggy leo darling ?? thing's ain't going so well lately ?? don't worry, you can always rant here if you want. i won't mind listening, n would be glad if i can lend a helping hand or sort. ;)

    elezend: i'm proud to say that we do listen to each other. :) but in this case, there's nothing we can do, since it's all up to him. if he doesn't wake up this lifetime, heck .. this is all we'll get from him.

  5. If it doesnt get into our way, just try to think for something and solve it... Well, you cant just leave the problem unsolve right?

  6. hi levian,
    Are you going bon odori tomorrow at Matsushita Sports Complex, Shah Alam?


  7. i will owex beside u,my fren...

    cheer up la!

  8. Shah ALam... what the hell..think she will go if you build a bridge from borneo territories to KL within that time...

  9. akira: solve ?? but why do i need to solve others' relationship problem ?? i don't even know how he managed to get the fire onto me, when it has Nothing to do with me !! geez ..

    jchan: you asked me before if i'd go for Avril's concert right ?? here is the post, to ease your referring back: the Music post. ;)

    梦幻园主之雯: 不肉麻,谢谢哦!呵呵。:)

    marcus: it's Atlantis for you, mister. XD psst .. if you're building one, make sure it misses the target by siding over to the south eh. :P

  10. can one be blamed for loving their sister too much ??
    Well, depend on how far u love her. If u love her til u willing to fulfill all her desire & wishes...then u should be blamed on spoiling her to much...

  11. It's good to know that your sister actually listens to your advices.

    If they are married, there is always the paper option =P

  12. amei: dang you sounded exactly like my ex ..

    but seriously, "spoiling each other" makes us Proud. we share the Love most siblings never felt. yes, we cross almost everything (even our parents) for each other if you didn't get the big picture here. so heck .. we ain't gonna stop spoiling each other !! ;)

    elezend: that's like the worst option available. but yeah .. it's definitely at the back of their head. sure hope it doesn't lead there. ;)

  13. Aiya, sorry! Haha... I applied that into another situation, where we need to solve the problems we faced, and dont just leave it at there... Sorry for the confusion... =(

  14. akira: oh i get you now. you meant our own problems eh ?? yup, in that case, solving is definitely needed. else the same thing is gonna come back to haunt us again n again. tedious ..

  15. Haha, yeah you are correct! I just solved a problem which "haunted" me for 2 days! Haha, gladly...