Friday, July 04, 2008

Genting: Dreamz.

Genting's live shows (such as theaters or musicals) always managed to fill me with adoration. especially this time where the mystical Big Cats showed their magical appearances !! the special "guest stars" were the stunningly coated white lion n the white tiger. others included the common yellowish tiger n 2 large size dogs (i ain't familiar with dogs' breeds). the magical ride, which lasted for one hour n a half, was absolutely Mesmerizing !! (they didn't allow photographs taking within the Pavilion hall, else you won't be seeing only the posters ..)


  1. Welcome back ya! Miss you a lots here!!!

    Wow, you went to the show? I want to see white lion with my own eyes too... How is the show overall?

  2. Welcome back again

    So this is where you've been for the past few days..

    Just in case I might miss it, do you think I should send the receipt for the comments I've replied?

  3. just want to say..........okaeri=)

  4. ads my sister's blog.........hhheehe

    coz today she blog about a special cat.....i know you will like it!=)

  5. Wow..White lion.
    I haven't seen it before -_-

  6. i would want to touch those beautiful big cats too! ... love the white lion!

  7. you going for that show? or you went? haha

    I saw yr comment in akira's blog.. ahahah when's yr b'day?? =)

  8. akira: thanks !! :D yup, i went. i would have regret it so much if i didn't. how magical it is to have the lion/tiger passing your very own eyes !!

    elezend: thanks !! :D *coughs* receipt .. herm .. yea, receipt you should sent, HousEmatE. =3

    joshua: tadaima !! :D cat eh, you know me well, i'll definitely check it out. XD

    jeromefo: it was such a wonderful chance. too bad the photograph taking session was $100 per piece. n the lion is in the cage ..

    ejiikiieru: adorable ain't it !! love it soooo much !! XD

    josephine: i went. :) nah, the comment were just to play with you (n akira). XD

  9. Yer, you made me feeling want to "teleport" to there and watch it now! Oops, too magical already, I thought I got teleportation power, blek =p.

    Take some time to rest yourself ya, and thanks for coming to my blog too! Hehe...

  10. @Akira you can buy the 78.88 first world hotel 3 days 2 night which includes 2 ticket to dreamz

  11. akira: "teleport" is science fiction. for magic, i think you just need to wave a Magical Wand. i think you watched too much Jumper. XD

    elezend: n it's still showing. (helping to advertise) :P

  12. [how i hope to lay my hands on them .. =3]

    Later your hand kena telan then you know! XD

    So you went on a trip to West Malaysia these few days yar? :D

  13. Haha, magic wand, yeah I want to, but I dont know any spell? Somebody can help me? hahaha...

  14. Ooohhh...I have heard of the Cats musical but I've never really had the opportunity to watch them. The poster is so beautiful! White lion? That's really unique! Are they of a different breed or something?

  15. deimos: i would give Everything (literally) to lay my hands on them. how can you Not wanna hug them !! =3 yup, i did. went to genting n kl. :)

    akira: nah, magic in stories may require witchcraft license or sort. but for our real world magic, you just need to have faith, n want it bad enough (at least that's what i believe in). ;)

    宝茹: white lion is a rare color mutation of the common lion species. very rare n only occur when 2 lions carrying the mutant gene are mated together. awesome eh !! ;)