Saturday, July 05, 2008

yuki (ゆき、雪)..

a perfect shot of my proud punk. ain't he just so full of himself ?? how can you not Love Him ?!! =3


  1. Big round juicy eyes, this photo is taken during the evening or in indoors eh?

    This is Mickey Handsome Boy, who walked the physical realm since 1996.

    He still have his balls intact when my big bro took this photo. Now he is quite ball-less. XD

  2. @levian cute kitty =3

    @Deimos means you neutered him?

  3. Wow!!! Handsome boy!!! He can be the next Supermodel (for cat only)! Hehe...

  4. ah......long time I didnt see this cat=)

    @elezend,so sooryy.........recently did not visit your place=p


  5. @elezend

    Nah, a couple of years ago, we noticed something wrong with his balls.

    i.e. he started growing a third ball. O_O

    Turns out it is a tumor, hence the balls gotta go.

  6. deimos: it was taken outdoor (on the car bonnet. XD) during night time. notice the darkness behind ?? hehe.

    wow, adorable little fellow you have there !! good to know he is doing alright. mine is ball-less too, but not because of tumor. we neutered him.

    elezend: thanks !! =3

    akira: haha. he is indeed hoTTT, isn't he ?? ;) can't help loVing (n bullYing) him. XD

    joshua: just hang on there. he will definitely be part of my life. ;)

  7. @Joshua ampun not forgivable unless you bring more manga for me.

    @Deimos why can't you just get rid of the tumor? Poor guy, can't get inheritance anymore

  8. @levian,just like classical music to me????=)
    get new formular again

    part of life=classsical
    part of life=yuki
    yuki=classical music......

    @elezend,erm.........maybe mangoes is ok....hahahaha=p

  9. Lolx...I visit the right place.
    I love cat ~ =)

  10. Yeah, he is hot (and sexy?), that's why u love him so much... Bully him? Like Josephine? Hehe...

  11. elezend: you're like the person around here owning the Most manga collection. how do you suppose we bring you more ?? :P

    joshua: yuki = classical music ?? that .. doesn't quite make sense. XD

    jeromefo: you'll definitely be seeing a lot of cats lurking around here. ;)

    akira: haha no. he has went through his training phase, no further training is necessary. my bullying style ?? rub him until he gets annoyed. woohoo !! XD

  12. @elezend

    Don't worry, he raped a young b1tch back in 2004 and had like 7 sons of b1tches. LOL XD

    We kept two for ourselves.

    Them be pretty much grown up now. :)

  13. OMG DEIMOS THAT IS JUST FRIGGING CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAN I WANT ONE NOW!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Are they pure breed by chance?

    @levian I'm a pirate, I read comics online

  14. CUte : ) but if he is more fat then will be more cute , must feed more wow

  15. elezend: that makes all of us pirates. XD

    : that's not possible, since my mum is in control of his diet.

  16. i will try to keep him fat. XD

  17. Luckily is rub on him only, hehe, I thought you wanna take off all his furs, hahaha... Joking~~~

  18. Yea, we are conserving the nature by not making the publisher publish more comic books too ^_^

  19. jing: you're Not feeding him behind my back, are you ?? *twitching*

    akira: take off his fur !! what other thoughts did you have under that brain of yours !!

    elezend: sounds too reasonable. XD but how about their income ??

  20. Haha, just joking and currently I dont have any bad ideas for you, so your prince is currently safe! haha...