Monday, July 21, 2008


somehow people change subconsciously over time. it didn't matter if they denied your existence when you're in fact already part of their life. but when you left, there were pieces of you that stayed with that person, with or without them admitting it. your hobby maybe, or your style of clothing, or even the phrases you often use ..

as uninvolved as i used to feel, as rejected as i was, i noticed signs of me being adapted n accepted unconsciously into part of him.
before i caused any misunderstanding, i ain't the type that regret over the choices that i made. Humans simply fascinate me, n experiences build me. =3

just as a Wise Person once told me: hang on during difficult times, for when you look back at your life, you'll find it more colourful than it originally is, all because of the people n experiences that you had is Nonexchangeable.
for the memories that i possessed, thrill of gratitude filled me. i thank god for the people that stopped by to sprinkle their magic dusts, making my experiences unique, making me who I am.



  1. Glad to know that you are the way you are!

    I strongly agree to the wise person or your mentor said, and we have to cherish our life as we are going on further!

  2. [somehow people change subconsciously over time.]

    In this 4+ years relationship of mine, 我完全失去自我了。

    Time to re-mold myself into what I originally am. :D

  3. haha , nothing wrong to change coz the world wont stop for all of us even the world stop spinning , human beings also wont stop for us

  4. akira: no worries, i dig n drill sometimes, but i'm still proud of myself. with the supports that i received from everyone, i'm strong. ;)

    deimos: or molding yourself into a better you. ;) 4 years eh, you must have learn quite a lot from there, i'm sure it makes you into a better person. :)

    : my point is, many didn't admit they are changing. n when others saw it, it became quite obvious to be noticed. :P

  5. Yup, no matter what happen, I will stay by your side and support you, will it be a promise? Or should I say is a duty from a good friend? Hehe...

  6. duty ?? nah, i don't wanna Make you support me. only support me when you Feel like it. i do know i'm a drag sometimes, especially when i'm emotional. :P