Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cat Mario: Solutions

final scene, you Won !!

have you completed Cat Mario ?? (download game: here) posted below are 2 versions of walkthrough - 1 funny n 1 fast-paced. both serving the same purpose of guiding you through the game.

note: the funny walkthrough is highly recommended if you have the time.

the funny walkthrough (6 videos):
| Part 1 of 6 | The Cruelness begins

| Part 2 of 6 | Raped by a Goal

| Part 3 of 6 | Dude, where is my Goal?

| Part 4 of 6 | Château de Ghost'n'Goblin s

| Part 5 of 6 | Cats, Swords and a giant Rooster

| Part 6 of 6 | Grande Finale!

the fast-paced walkthrough:


  1. That last video clip is totally perfect? How can be? Haha...

    It was totally amazing... For the traps so many around the corner!!!

  2. Lol....... cat Mario some more...... I think Mario still is better....


  3. akira: imagine how many times they played it repetitively. gosh .. they sure has a lot of times on their hand.

    kljs: it'll be no fun if you compare it with the original. for cat mario, it's just unique. oh yeah, n frustrations. XD

    marlyms: thanks. :)

  4. Yup, the experts are just focusing on how to avoid the traps, and not even die for once! That was so marvelous!

  5. if you have the time, try watch the 6 videos. tune up your volume. i can assure you that it's funny. XD

  6. haha! this is fun... Super Mario was my favorite game, so, I might try this one. :D

  7. Haha, yeah, I watched them all, quite funny! Tmr I wanna show to my friends in class, hehe...