Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Spam Comment.

mayday !! my base is under attack !! mayday !!

this time, it is some guy named -arjun- or -praveenboss- ( oh crap .. now i'm even advertising him. what the .. well anyway, this guys is definitely getting on my nerves, probably using some sort of automated mechanism to "attack", as if these cheap comments are gonna do him any good ..

it kinda reminds me of my previous recorded spam comments attacks
- the Portuguese Attack, n
- the University Attack.
my personal commenting style are usually quite direct - "don't comment if you don't give a damn about it". there ain't no point pretending that you care when you don't. it's not like playing-pretend is gonna get you any further. try pretending for 1-year .. d'oh ..
excuse my fury post, but i have to rant somewhere. better yet, share my experience with someone who needed help with similar encounter .. i hope.


  1. Spammer!!! I hate this kind of people... Blogging is to share, not to spam!!! If you want to spam, better go the spamming world, and not here you idiot!!!

  2. Just some stupid people who are trying to spam the blogs with some stupid and bloody hell spam comments... Better get away from us, weirdo!


  3. LIke how come i dun get spammed. hmm...too boring i guess. *Low profile* wahahaa

  4. i oso hate. mine oso have. even some commented stupid weird things. piss me off

  5. spam!!!!!!!actually, have what solution for them!!!????

  6. luckily wordpress got akismet to capture spammer :)

  7. what the....annoying!!!!u can turn on the 'Show word verification for comments?' in setting..try n c..

  8. Hmmmm, I did comment a while ago but not shown? Wait... is it moderated? =p

  9. Woot, I found out that for the comment part I can be who I want. For example lets say I am one of your reader....

    Wait, I AM one of your reader....

    For the sake of example...

    By the way, its Cometh...

  10. Holy.....

    New way to spam..and also pretend to be someone else....

    Let's see... try harder nick...

    It's Cometh again experimenting...

  11. Hmmmm, this is misleading....

    Potential major misunderstanding if there are people who misuse this...


  12. akira: they probably thought by spamming, they can attract our attention. what nonsense ..

    marcus: low profile eh .. they just didn't know your true colour. *smirk*

    sharon: yup, n not to mention it took time to delete them one by one ..

    joshua: you're using wordpress i suppose ?? like elezend mentioned, akismet is what i heard to be the best so far. :)

    elezend: too bad wordpress doesn't allow theme modification, else i would probably use that instead, with so much more functions available.

    miyuki: i'm trying to avoid using that Captcha function, since i find it quite annoying sometimes. i just hoped to give my readers the freedom to comment. guess that's why i was attack .. *sigh*

    梦幻园主之雯: thanks !! will be heading over to check it out right away. ;)

    cometh: you .. are causing so much confusion to those who don't understand your style. but, i doubt spammers care to go through so much trouble other than copy-n-paste. XD

  13. giving readers the freedom to comment... hehehe...*grins maliciously while holding the main control*
    You'll be glad that its the spammers that got you..and not Something else.

  14. Haha, can attract others? I dont think so! Such a weird comment in a post, what is he thinking at? Gosh...

  15. Alot Spmmmer nowadays -__-
    They got nothing better to do....

  16. marcus: "something else" can be so many things. i'm .. so afraid. zzz. thrill me with what you've got.

    akira: i wonder if anyone cares to report him. close down his site or whatever .. geez.

    jeromefo: totally !! it's just so annoying ..

  17. Hmm, can do this, but I dont know what is the procedure then... It is a kind of sick for this jerks to move around in blogging world...

  18. You can use small hosting site ^^ which is free and direct it to your domain but the space is very limited

    Blogger is still the best in term of free blogging platform

  19. akira: i'm only aware of 's captcha n comment moderation function. but these can't even detect identical comments ..

    elezend: small hosting site such as ?? is it reliable ??

  20. Well, just forget about this spammer, next time got this case again, just delete it at once...

  21. Lol... May Day! May Day! Funny ^ ^ What a horrible spammer doing monkey shit business on other ppl's blog! Idiot man!