Thursday, July 24, 2008

Underbar Summer アンダーバーサマー (2006)

Underbar Summer

another typical "one guy, many girls" (harem) anime. simple plot, but the drawings are indeed beautiful. worth a catch only if you have extra time on your hand. he is a high school student, enjoying his final year with friends (which are mostly girls). he has no special feeling towards either one of them. approaching the last summer in high school, he decides to like one of them by the end of vacation.

some backgrounds on the anime:
- episodes: 2
- director: Takahiro Okao (岡尾貴洋)
- released: 2006
- language: Japanese
- genre: Romance


  1. Another cute anime is here!!! Did you notice that, most of the anime, the eyes of the characters are so big? hehe...

  2. @ akira : yes.. i notice. cause it's the japanese way to make the anime cute. the big wet eyes type

    levian : u have so much free time watch these horh?? so envy u la

  3. akira: i think i read about a proportion thingy somewhere before. i think it was in one of the "anime drawing guide", that the eyes have to be at the lower half of the whole head to look cute. :D

    sharon: seriously ?? i have to make time for entertainment, else i'm totally "dead", especially inside. hehe. by the way, i usually left it running when i'm working. watching it between breaks. ;)

  4. Looks like this anime very nice...i love romance anime~ hehe...

  5. I guess that's another harem anime? I don't like harem T.T

    What Sharon said is true, how did you manage to balance between blogging, working and also watching anime?!

    I can only do one at one time

  6. 是新的anime吗?

  7. cherry: the drawings are indeed adorable. hope you'll like it !!;)

    elezend: harem are like .. totally typical. *yawn*

    well, i seriously Have to make time. i usually blog a few posts in one-go. as for anime n working, i left the anime loading while i worked, n watched it between breaks. ;)

    萤火虫: 是2006年的anime。内容倒是没什么耶,而且只有两集而已,呵呵!

  8. Haha, in order to look cute, they must draw like that? Interesting!!! Omoshiroi desuyo...

  9. akira: yup, there is a certain theory thingy that goes with that explanation. "the art of cuteness" or something, the face proportion thingy.