Friday, July 25, 2008


the feline that "guards" the shop at night. not for food this time, but solely for a warm place to crash for the night. it was extremely afraid of humans, thus i can only take a shot from within the gate.


  1. It is an angry kitty oh! Hehe... But its white fur is kinda nice..

  2. hey levian! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! =)

  3. Dear levian,

    Happy Birthday. :)

    [it was extremely frighten of human]

    shouldn't it be like this instead?

    [it is extremely afraid of humans]


  4. Omg sorry room mate

    I forgot your birthday

    Happy birthday to you

    You were born in the zoo

    With the kitty and also kittens

    Happy birthday to you

  5. Gozaimasu levian..

    Wish you happy always.. cheers ^^

  6. akira: it is quite dirty actually. but i guess after adjusting the lighting of the photograph, it became shinny. XD

    josephine: thanks for the wishes !! :)

    deimos: thanks !! :)

    do you mean there's an grammatical error in the sentence ?? i used "was" since i never saw it after that. as for the later part of the sentence, i've just updated it. thanks for the reminder. :P

    elezend: hahaha !! awesome birthday song, roommate. thanks !! XD

    jchan: gozaimasu ?? *puzzled* are you trying to say arigatou gozaimasu ?? ohayo gozaimasu ?? .. ??

  7. Icic, from a dirty cat into much cleaner cat! Hehe... Help me next time on my photos ya, I wanna look skinner, oops... =p

  8. @~jchan: your japanese is simply... irritatingly wtf.. or maybe cause i'm bias. But if your japanese textbook only teaches you gozaimasu which means nothing at all.. you've been ripped off.

  9. akira: be proud of who you are !! haha. well yeah, we did that all the time anyway, to make others, so-called, Perfect. XD

    marcus: i doubt .. he's gonna return for quite a while in time to read your comment. but yeah, who ever taught him that definitely ripped him off, or at least mentally ..

  10. Haha, perfect? Wow, then I dream to be Prince someday, can you "transform" me into that kind of dream? XD