Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jumper (2008)


the film's teleportation idea is indeed Cool !! however, the main let down has to be the ending. in fact, it has No Ending !! despite the exciting one hour ride, the ending kinda ruined the mood, making it rather typical. they just don't live happily ever after, do they ..

is it me, or does the main actor looked more of a bad guy than a good ?? if you're wondering why he looks so familiar, he is Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars. i remembered clearly the scene where both his legs are chopped off by Kenobi. yes, first impression counts .. *clear throats*

some backgrounds on the movie:
- director: Doug Liman
- released: 2008
- casts: Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson, Jamie Bell
- language: English
- genre: Action/Science Fiction


  1. Hehe, I watched this movie already! And the thing I thought in my mind was, I wanna teleport too! Hehe...

  2. i know this!!!!!but also never watch it=p

  3. I havent watch this movie yet, but i bought the book. (my english not good that is why i am so slow to finish it)... you have a nice and tidy blog. :)

  4. Havent watch it too...
    WAiting friends to call me-_-

  5. i oso never watch this movie yet!!!

  6. i never watch the movie yet!

    p/a: thanks for visiting my blog!!

  7. Hi dear?

    At the first glimpse, I thought u would join the Sky Jumping Game created by Bridge too, but when I scrolled down, it's about the movie ^ ^ Hey, Barbie havn't watched this movie yet =( Sounds interesting ^ ^ Heh heh...

    This my 1st time here, and I had a browsed on your previous entry labeled Fairy Tale, my comment goes to the word AWESOME! I really admired ur level of psychology, and I'm planning to read them all whenever I got time. Like your random twisted words, and which is what makes those posts unique! ^ ^ Lol...

    I am so much into fairy tale, and that's why my initial click goes to that particular category ^ ^ Lol... Love you dear! Dare to say this even I've never happened to talk to u at all heh heh...

    Thks Akira for taking me here ^ ^ Otherwise, the cyberspace is still widen between Princess Barbie and Princess Levian ^ ^ *Hug*

  8. [- casts: Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson, Jamie Bell]

    I watched this movie in the cinemas when it was aired back then.

    Did not realize it was the same actor until I saw it here. -_-

    Nice movie, them Paladins are quite hell bent on killing the Jumpers though.

    Brutal. -_-

  9. Levian,

    Happy birthday to you! Hope I'm not too late! :)

    Mei Wah

  10. akira: i believe i saw the reviewed at your blog before. teleport is definitely a cool skill, but .. not in his way though. :P

    joshua: like you always said .. "no time", right ?? :P

    kelly choo: glad you enjoyed your stay here. ;) i haven't read its book, wonder if it's identical to the movie ?? hehe.

    jeromefo: called you to watch it together ??

    珊姑娘, 董百勤: maybe you can catch it when you're free. :)

    kikey loo: n thanks for visiting mine. :)

    barbie: that would make you one of the very few who understand me n my "twisted literacy" !! that makes me so very eager to build the invisible bond with you. ;)

    fairy tales is basically all my feelings. some called it emotional. for me, it's something i feel uniquely at that very moment, let it be happy or sad or anger. but the initial feeling is definitely most sincere. :)

    deimos: this is like .. one of the very few movies that i'm standing on the bad guy's side. XD seriously, this brat is too arrogant !!
    "there will always be consequences !!" quoted roland. *smirk*

    mei-wah: it's never too late. thanks for the birthday wishes !! :)

  11. Eh, I dint post any review for the movie oh, because that time I havent active in blogging yet, hehe...

  12. [quote]you one of the very few who understand me n my "twisted literacy" !! that makes me so very eager to build the invisible bond with you. ;)[quote] FYI, ^ ^ I gotta say that I am some kind of emo as well, lol... the proof is the brief introduction about myself on my profile ^ ^ Can go and check out :P heh heh ^ ^

    I've read some of ur post labedled Fairy Tale ady, and obviously, Princess Levian is sort of emotional too lol... :P Be my friend then, okie? *hug* Not emotional friend, just friends ^ ^

    BTW, babe? watch out! Some one is stalking on u lol... XX See u

  13. akira: you weren't active ?? it was in february if i wasn't mistaken .. but anyway, i must've seen it at some other blog then ?? gosh, my bad. :p

    barbie: why not "emotional friend" ?? i won't mind even if we were to share the negative emotions together. it made us who we are. ;)

    btw, who is stalking me ?? you ?? *puzzled*

  14. Yup, I started to active myself in blogging since Feb, hehe... Maybe you seen it in other blogs I guess... Never mind, I will write more movie reviews in future, hehe...

  15. akira: jumper was on around february too. what a coincidence. :)