Sunday, July 27, 2008


i thought it was gonna be a quiet birthday compared to Last Year's, but i was dead wrong. others were more excited of my birthday than i'm !!
just a week before, birthday cards were received from -juli- (australia) n -baboon- (singapore). n a package from -akira- (penang). -piggy- chosed me a gift aday earlier with me lurking right beside him. now this is a first, never was i present at the scene of My present picking session.*chuckles*

family dinner was held earlier of the month. n a lunch to catchup was organized by -lw- n -desmond-. i did not accept their gift of catching a movie with them, since i'd already watched the movie of their choice.

mobile greetings, too, were received continuously from -prim3-, -shyhhorng-, -nak-, -pui-, -bun-, -ann-, -chuan-, -weesiang-, -soonhian- n -jeffery-, also from those mentioned above. (all names are written in timely manner without bias) wishes decorated the air throughtout the day. seriously, some of these friends don't even contact, friendster is obviously the culprit here.

the night before my day, -akira- wrote a site introduction to serve as a surprise present. listing out almost all of my interests !! the detailed post definitely thrilled me.

this year's birthday was simple yet fulfilling, accompanied by wishes n -piggy- throughout the day. what more does it take to taste paradise on the tip of your tongue ??



  1. Your birthday is simple, but full of wishes and some presents, yeah, I can feel your happiness all the way~~~

    Hope you like the desu noto, hehe!

  2. Am I late? Am I late?


    Happy Birthday....

    **making mental note- 26th July...**

    It's 26th rite?

    Ohm ohm Ohm...

    May all your wishes comes true

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U,LEVIAN!!! =) May ur wishes come true!!!

  4. happy birthday... Lucky me... im come to visit your blog just in time ;)

  5. ooo....happy birthday^^
    1st time come here.^O^

  6. akira: thank you so much for the package, i love it !! wait till i finish watching the anime, n we'll have one more topic to talk about. ;)

    cometh: thanks for the "belated" wish, i'll add a couple more wishes since they're gonna come true. ;)

    laura: thank you so much !! :D

    mxyzplk: indeed you have. ;) thanks for the wishes !!

    萤火虫: thanks for visiting, n the wishes. :)

  7. Sure thing! Just wait for a while, and you will finish the anime... Enjoy it ya...

  8. happy belated birthday... :)

  9. Wah!!! I'm so late!!!

    Happy, happy birthday!!!

    It just means you are well-loved! :)

  10. Hey guys! No one is late, the real tortoise is finally HERE ^ ^, Princess Barbie. lol... This is the ur b-day post rite? Happy Belated Birthday, dear Levian! <3

    I think I said this once a day earlier than ur b-day, and said it again just now as a belated b-day. So, early + belated? That makes me unique lol... wtf! :P

    1 year older now? ^ ^ The older you are, the wiser and the more perfect u've become ^ ^ Keep rocking, Levian ^ ^ See u * Muah *

  11. O tanjobi omedetou gozaimasu!

  12. akira: will definitely do right when i find the time for it. ;)

    jimmy: thanks so much !! :)

    宝茹: thanks !! no worries, the pure intention is what matters. ;)

    barbie: you're not tortoise, you're barbie. :p thanks for the .. double wishes. you're definitely unique !! ;)

    xorsyst: arigatou !! :)

  13. Oh ya, remember ya, dont write my name inside the desu noto, or else I will die in 40seconds, hahaha...

  14. i did .. n you're still breathing. *joking* nah, i'll leave you alone for now. :p

  15. Dear Levian, how are you? Happy belated birthday. Hope your day was special as you are.

  16. Haha, you really wrote my name inside? How honour am I! hehe... But I'm still typing in this comment box, hehe, means I'm immune to that noto, hehe...

  17. happy birthday levian. I like your blog :D

  18. oh!happy belated birthday my fren...
    u won't angry so late juz wish u ba? (i know u good de...XD)

  19. u r one lucky girl.. happy belated birthday. sorry i didnt know about ur birthday.

  20. eucalyptus: that is .. a one of a kind comment. *chuckled* thanks !! :)

    akira: i'm generous enough to spare you for life, so it's not in the notebook yet. :p

    waiseng: thanks !! glad you enjoyed your stay. :)

    梦幻园主之雯: indeed i won't. you knew me well. XD

    sharon: i don't feel it now .. but i sure hope i'm. *trying to be optimistic* no worries about the birthday, better late than never. ;)

  21. Haha, anyway, thanks for your support to me too! And become good friends since that! Or else this present wont reach to you too, =p.