Monday, July 28, 2008


Patience is one the best ability that i do Not posses. enduring the repetitive procedures n pointless yapping bored me.
best solution often leads to Companionship. seeking especially someone with high elasticity that is able to absorb my craps, yet not ignoring me. -baboon- n -bun- are one of the first few to notice my attention-seeking inner-self.

problem lies in me not being a requester, making that option almost impossible to achieve. as the tension n stress build up inside, second option would resort towards Musics. few of my current favorite stress relievers would be Within Temptation, Timbaland, n Step Up 2 the Street (soundtrack). blasting the music out loud often soothes the anxiety within me.
so what are your stress relievers ?? :)



  1. Lucky me, I posses patience within me and it helps me quite a lots...

    For my stress relievers, I think I will go to sleep and listen to soft music especially Instrumental and New Age... =)

  2. You took this photo today? Gosh, it is so nice! I can see the rainbow over there, so round!

  3. I'll tell you what patience is... Patience is waiting quietly still in the dim light during the night.
    Waiting for the moment to arrive...
    And then you see it... it lands on your flesh thinking all is safe. But its not time to strike yet... have to wait some more.. make sure it is totally unaware. Then you feel the sting piecing your skin causing an irritating itch... BUT still you hold back.. waiting for it to gorge itself on your blood until it becomes a little full..just enough to slow its speed down.
    THEN slowly and surely, you make your move..very carefully..not wanting to alert it while its enjoying its meal.. and then...
    And you see the blood sucking mosquitoe splattered with blood in pieces.
    And to make sure its dead(normally done by psychos like me..), rub its scattered corpse til it becomes like a dirt and flicks it away.. And rejoice for you have taken a life in cold blood MUAHAHAHAA!!

  4. Lol... Marcus? You're funny boy! ^ ^
    Hey dear! This is an amazing shot! Rainbow ring and sun ^ ^ Look like magic is awaiting us, Levian ^ ^

    Erm... btw, I am patient or not, I am not quite sure myself, but most of the time I always lose my control, and get frustrated at stupid things =(

    But well, when I'm under stressed, I like to be on my own, and the best magic portion is MUSIC! =) I like listening to instrumental songs or fairy tale songs with sooth melody =) I feel relaxing. Instrumental songs with no melody is nice, don't u think? Cuz there's no lyrics which can cause our heart breakdown =) Sometimes, I just snap at everyone with no reasons to relieve my stress lol... ^ ^

  5. akira: glad you liked the photograph. :D try check out the previous versions through the link. the sky was much clearer by then. making the view so much more smoother. ;)

    marcus: freak .. oh no i ain't gonna honour you with the name "psycho", freak. everything that came out of your head, seemed like some scary film. gosh !! luckily it ain't night time now. *exhale in relief*

    barbie: [I always lose my control, and get frustrated at stupid things] gosh, count me in !!

    but i didn't like to be on my own when i'm down. i need company badly, desperately. but the thing about human nature, is unable to accept the "bad" part of others. so .. most of the time i sob alone.

    many often listen to instrumental or non-lyrics songs to calm oneself, doesn't it ?? but unfortunately it has no effect on me, besides making my mood worst. i need to blast something loud. if i need something i don't understand, i'll go for japanese songs, but still within the loud genre. XD

  6. 想要礼物吗?那就快快来我家看看咯!虽然不是什么大礼;但是礼轻情意重嘛!!

  7. this photo is nice!!!but careful,straight away use your camera face to sun directly will hurt your camera's 感光板..........

    careful ya=)

  8. Hehe, I'm going to see now too! Hehe... Thanks for the photos ya, they really cheer up my mood sometimes....

  9. FYI, sure! ^ ^ I'll count you in ^ ^ Heh heh... You are always welcome, Princess Levian <3

    Hey, music talks to the heart, no? Lol... Tell you what dear? There're many certain lyrics from some particular songs which can amazingly reflects upon our inner most feelings, and yeah, that's one of the reason why I can't help but sobbing whenever I listen to those songs. So, just instrumental theme songs would help. wtf! Damn emo lol... ^ ^

    Ermm... we people handle stress in various ways, but being with or just talking to someone who is closely related likewise our best friends does help A LOT =) Just that I don't wanna bother them listening to crappy feelings of mine =( so yeah... level of anxiety runs high sometimes ^ ^

    What about letting our frustration goes by just writing sth down on a diary or online diary? Heh heh... ^ ^ That's what Barbie's doing these days lol... ^ ^ Talk to the non-living friend of mine, my dear Diary ^ ^

    I'm diffrn from u this time, Levian =( I label my songs into diffrn catogories, and the genre of the songs I play depend on my random notion mood! lol...

  10. For my stress relievers i will sleep!leave everything aside 1st...when my mood come juz do...

  11. Hahahaa! I'm laughing because...
    Better becareful of dressing Levian up as a princess. If you want to Barbie, you can expect a princess dressed in a black seductive gown with red seams..and somewhere along the line, has a dagger hidden somewhere up her skirt... oh not forgeting that gothic make up with the pale looking face and..maybe 2 puncture wounds on her neck *winks*

    "Unable to accept that bad part of others".... RUBBISH! I'm pretty much sure many in your blog can take your crap(no..not the smelly kind). So dun cry alone.. awww you want to cry, we all cry together. At least it builds our bondship while youre sobbing. If you cry does nothing else good! hehe

  12. Oh boy! You're bullying my Princess here IN HER KINGDOM??? lol... How dare you! I gonna dress Levian up in a pinky royal costume, and got her the illusive natural make up. Don't go Awww! and Awww after you see my princess, okie? Heh heh... :P

    Anyway, Levian? I like de song on ur blog. So nice <3

  13. [so what are your stress relievers ?? :)]

    I would say computer games, console games, hand held games, video games etc.

    However, I have been molded into something I am originally not, so I think as a result of that I have been releasing the stress built up within me, and perhaps as a result, crushed into a tiny pulp due to too much stress. -_-

  14. My stress reliever is probably my bf (both best and boy friend) =) he can cheer me up whenever I feel down

    Blogging used to be my stress reliever but lately it's been putting me under pressure lol

  15. niger: 我这就去看看。:)

    joshua: really ?? gosh .. but i think i ain't gonna stop. it totally ruin the purpose if i can't just capture anything i want. but thanks for the information !! :)

    akira: glad to know that it at least does cheer some people up. or maybe decorate the site with the scenes around me. ;)

    barbie: best friends eh, sometimes they do have their own issues to struggle with. but seriously, what are friends for if they won't even listen to your rantings ?? so i would encourage you to spill your crappy feelings if they are really your best friends. i would love to be one of them. ;)

    but the problem is, there aren't many who can understand my extreme anxiety. for now, there are very, very limited people at the top of my list. n -baboon- is definitely one of them in the list.

    so, don't blame him for dressing me up in gothic. he knows me to another extend, a "deeper" n wilder part of me that is not much of a princess, but still a strong believer.

    super glad you enjoyed the song. ;)

    梦幻园主之雯: won't the mood still remains after you woke up ??

    marcus: if only like elezend, i can have the best friend n bf to be the same person. it would be so darn perfect !! you're complaining about the craps ?? smelly or not, you're still taking it !! or else .. *push onto forcefully n pouts*

    deimos: those are all games !! *wide eyed* how about finding someone to whine ?? oh wait .. that would be what i desperately need. interested in joining the search ??

    elezend: aw .. that's so sweet. you're so lucky, housemate !! he's definitely ready when you need to crap eh, bound to make you feel so secure.

    sure hope i'm too .. or at least let me know what i did wrong to Not deserved to have the freedom to be myself .. *trapped*

  16. Yah, Marcus sounds like he knows you more than I do lol... ^ ^ wtf, how long have I become one of ur cyberspace frn? Lol...

    BTW, my level of anxiety might be more extreme than you lol... I'm a type of over dramatic person, but for those who've never come across my blog might never know how damn emo I am, cuz I always PRETEND to me strong, and sob alone in my bedroom, so no one can see me crying lol... ^ ^

    As I told you once dear that I'm quite impressed with what you need to say here on ur page esp the post labeled fairy tale. Some ppl might get frustrated reading the sarcastic rants of yours, but that one is not me lol... I like it, and I like it A LOT! *hug*

    I'll be reading the rest of your previous post after my final exam =( Now procrastination gets the best of me, and that is why I am still here writing this comment, and chatting with frns online at the same time!

    See you dear! and one more thing left, I'd like to be one of your good frn on blog if not the best one :P Let Marcus gets the place heh heh...

    Take care,
    Luv XX,

  17. *builds a stand and paint a number 1 on the front and add the label "for barbie"*

  18. You betcha, I think you can do it! Hehe...

  19. barbie: lets not compare among ourselves now. ;) hopefully my "sarcastic rants", as how you put it, won't hurt anyone else since it's all about "me n my craps".

    n best of luck with the exam !! ;)

    marcus: don't you need to apply for some stand-standing approval to put up something like that at others' place ??

    akira: am glad you feel that way. there will be more coming, hang in there. ;)

  20. *tears of the label "barbie" and sticks the label levian*