Wednesday, July 30, 2008


who would be the first person you turn to when you stumbled into a "Stuck" situation ?? partner, family, friends .. that's the exact sequence i took. difficult times are often known to be one of the best chance to perceive a person's mindset - the willingness, the efforts, the hesitations ..

a last minute job interview caused me extreme distress n pressure, a chance too good to left slipped by. yet late hour made the task of photostatting n getting ready the documents almost impossible to accomplish. desperately, i seek help from others.

sensing resentment in his tone, my jaw dropped in disbelieve. just when i thought i'm Involved, the table turned. pained, i move on to my family. -bun- n -mum- voluntarily place everything into place for me. -dad- who very seldom meddle with our business, too, lend a helping hand. n with their Magic, everything went accordingly.
i struggle to restrain myself from judging, since i promised myself a year before i jump to any conclusion. humans ain't Perfect after all ..

as my breathing heaved, the heart tightens, knotted into a bundle as i slumbered. with fractured trust, the sun rose like any other day. a whole new day, with me intending to mend the cracks unnoticed ..


  1. First of all, the photo is just nice, I can feel the sharpness of the sunshine here! XD

    Luckily, you got all the support you needed, glad to hear that... If you need my help, I would be oblige to do so too!

  2. who would be the first person you turn to when you stumbled into a "Stuck" situation ??
    i think....i am on my own....>_<


  3. Whenever I'm at my downfall, the first person on earth I used to turn to is my best of the best friend, but now, everything turned upside down... That one is not here for me no more, and I somehow feel like that one forget my existence in this world either. Oh well, I am who I am now, so wat? =)

    Again, de photo is always nice =) even it was taken with the fone camera, but it turns out very nice <3

  4. this is first time ever i leave a comment here. for me, i would say, main supports come from Almighty God n ourselve. Believing HIM makes Miracle :)
    of course friends and family are vital too. talk to yourselve: yea, i can do it.

  5. がんばって是什么意思?

  6. Everyone has his/her own problem.
    CheerUp, ok? 2morow will be a better day again...=)

  7. akira: you love the radiant, don't you ?? ;) thank you so much for offering to help, it meant so much when it is support that we need ..

    forever hl: alone while stuck ?? won't that be .. still stuck ??

    barbie: guess we can't stop them from leaving. how about looking for new ones ?? we're here for you. ;)

    i've got one particular real life friend, although close but i seldom ask for advice from her. the reason being .. she usually just sat there n nod. you can basically imagined the session. XD n i started searching through blogging. n getting to know some very cool people around !! :D

    so glad you love the photograph too. =3

    anonymous: you mentioned the same thing as my mentor. sometimes i'm able to give god my troubles, but most of the time, i woke up n still have to solve the things myself.

    萤火虫: [がんばって] 翻译过来

    jeromefo: thanks for the concern n cheering up. :)

  8. Yea .. from what i see, you have nothing to be upset about because you still have tons and tons of people who care for you. When one layer is breach, there are still many others WAITING... not just passing by.. WAITING to catch you when you fall. hahaha ..
    As for me..maybe i might consider free falling EXCITING!!! WHeee!

  9. Sure, no problem for that, you are mostly welcome to find for me, if you need any help...

    Yup, I just love this radiant photo, I should grab this photo too! Hehe...

  10. marcus: yea .. well, it's not like you're gonna ask me if i wanna join you for the free falling session. so .. let's just go already !! :p

    akira: you're free to do so. am glad it is able to be included into one of your photographs collections. :)