Thursday, July 31, 2008

yuki (ゆき、雪)..

my punk is always keen on discovering new prey. this is a post i promised -akira- way back. finally found the photographs that served as the proofs that he meddled with the scorpion .. ;)


  1. walaw, scorpion! big yer..
    woo... from wth is this fellow come? shining black! sure ur yuki cant fight it..haha.

    whr is the scorpion going then?

  2. Spray the whole can of ridsect and see whether it will still move or not XD

    If everything else fails, try slipper

  3. Scorpion!!!! :-S *nail biting*

    Lol... You're so funny, Elezend! ^ ^ But I'm afraid I can't try using the slipper, cuz I can't get close to any kinds of scary or disgusting insects likewise cockroach! :-S *nail biting*

  4. eat it yuki! and turn into the scorpion king's cat..

  5. So big scorpion, my god! How did it come into your house? Gosh, so how is the scorpion? Killed by your Prince?

  6. Hopefully your cat didn't kill it.. ^^

    Just pet it.. haha

  7. corpion????you feed it???.............XD

    why yuki look at it???Want to eat it???

  8. Scorpions are poisonous. >_<

    Anyway, yuki handled the situation like a pro ya?

  9. pui: it's shinning cool eh, i kinda like it. :D but i ain't sure how it ended up at our place though.

    elezend: wait .. that sounds exactly like what my mum was planning to do !! na-ah, i ain't gonna take his prey away from him. :p

    barbie: oh my .. you'll have to be ready to see more preys of his. i'll be posting them from time to time.

    marcus: scorpion king's cat .. the rock's cat ?? why not just turn into a scorpion cat ?? herm ..

    akira: i'm not exactly sure what happened before n after. i didn't know how he brought it home. but i think dad probably disposed it before he get to have fun with it.

    jchan: you love scorpions ??

    joshua: probably examining the scorpion out, just like how he examined n later play with its prey.

    deimos: he didn't have the chance to this time. my dad, however, "handled it like a pro". XD

  10. wow , must becareful lol >.<