Friday, August 01, 2008


are you more of a confrontation type of person or a keeping-to-yourself type ?? being impulsive, confrontation is always at the top of my list. getting things over would be the topmost priority at all times, especially deadly n acidic negative feelings. obviously it is much easier said than done, as large amount of Courage is required to move forward, to take the leap that sometimes transform into the vital plunge of death .. my mind is in a messy state this moment i scribble. neither had i fed nor slept well in days. if only i possess the skill to initiate a less aggressive confrontation. i can't do this alone, i'm such a wimp !! gosh ..
tears welled up in my eyes without warning. my body curled up in a self-protective manner as i slide farther down under the covers. biting hard as i refrained from releasing the frustrating grunts. filled with uncertainty, hysterically, i chanted repetitively "dear god, please spare me the agony .." n broke into an uncontrollable sobs as i slowly slumbered into another night of unsettled sleep.
も限界だ ..


  1. What happened my friend? Dont sob ok, because you are not alone... Everything will be just fine, dont think too much, and take some rest will ya?

  2. hora!!!wake up!!!!!!!
    zhen zuo=)

  3. jia you jia you!
    all will be ok de...
    let it 顺其自然...
    dun think too much lo

  4. [are you more of a confrontation type of person or a keeping-to-yourself type ??]

    I have become a wuss.

    I am not a confrontation type person.

    Keep to myself and weep alone. Yeah.

    Anyway, levian does not seems to be in a very bright mood at the production of this mood.

    Shall we all attempt to cheer her up? Maybe the least we can do is to listen to what she has to say, if she feels like sharing.

  5. akira: but i'm alone to face the problem. it'll be so cool if i can fix the problem without difficulties. :)

    joshua: i want to as well !! that's why i rant n hope to get over it soon. ;)

    梦幻园主之雯: "don't think too much" seemed rather impossible, won't you say ?? :p

    deimos: i thought i did kinda share ?? maybe not as clear i guess. but if you do follow my story, you'll probably get the rough picture. ;) i didn't wanna offend anyone in particular, hehe.

  6. Why is that my dear Levian is this far from me? I would seriously be the first to apply just to sit and listen to what you need to say, or just to talk to you everyday until I die! wtf! That won't happen =(

    Whatever will be will be! We can't turn back, but to move on =) Keep fighting, princess!

    Luv you! <3

  7. Sometimes you can solve the problems by yourself, sometimes you cant... And when you cant, just seek for the help from friends and family... I think they willing to help u also...

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