Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kodomo no Jikan こどものじかん (2007)

Kodomo no Jikan

adorable kids, but definitely Not as innocent as they looked. old beyond their years, they protect themselves like an adult, yet still seek for love like a child. a tangled romance between an elementary student with her teacher. the anime is rather entertaining, but disturbing in a sense that these kids being over exposure ..

some backgrounds on the anime:
- episodes: 12
- director: Eiji Suganuma (菅沼栄治)
- released: 2007
- language: Japanese
- genre: Comedy/Romance


  1. am i the 1st???

    kodomo no jikan? holiday i can watch lu...i watch le juz leave comment again ba...^^

  2. The girls look very innocent, and very childish look... Haha, not my cup of tea to watch this...

  3. kodomo lion???

    ya,i want to ask what is the meaning of 'jikan'???

    i know 'jikang' is it...?????XD

  4. 梦幻园主之雯: the anime isn't as innocent as it looked. not .. really a recommendation unless you go for the graphic. :)

    akira: sure hope they act as innocent n childish as they looked. they are elementary school children btw. ;)

    joshua: "kodomo" means children, now you know where "kodomo lion" come from. XD "jikan" means time. "jikang" .. i never heard of such a word. *puzzled*

  5. Haha, certainly this is not my kind of anime! I love robots, vampire (anime only) and wizards... hehe...

  6. Kodomo means children =) And Jikan means time, so wat about NO? Kodomo No Jikan means Children's Time, no?

    I spot the last Anime pic of yours! and I already stole it from ya blog ady. Hope you don't mind, Princess ^ ^

    My Lost Love! I wonder if that girl could finally find what she lost back? Or she need to bend herself up-side-down forever only to find out in the end that she can never find it back?

    * I don't refer to losing the love here, but just the common relationship =)*

    BTW, each and everytime I got my blog the stupid twisted topic, your comments really make me feels like my voice is constantly being heard.

    Barbie Sayang Sayang, Prince Levian! Erm... I hope I got it right, but if not, plz forgive me =)

  7. Uh Oh! Sorry! Not Prince Levian! I meant Princess! Blur! *sweat* Since when I wanna turn Levian from a princess to a prince? Lol...

    Oh, I think I know who the guy with sarcasm is =) Conflicts can probably bring us closer! I agree =) *hug*

  8. oh??
    haha~~got a bit yellow yellow de...haha
    but nice ^^

  9. akira: i suppose this anime is considered to be more of a girls' anime. :p wizards such as ??

    joshua: rather similar i would say. :D

    barbie: you've got it correctly, "no" represents "'s". :D last anime pic .. the figurine you mean ??

    by using the phrase "my lost love", i actually meant the figurine is no longer available in market. i was keen to get it back then (now too), just that the price isn't affordable for me, therefore "lost". :)

    under the "sarcasm guy" topic, are you referring to baboon ?? he wasn't who i was referring to. easily accused, isn't he. n that's for standing out too much. XD

    梦幻园主之雯: you checked it out didn't you. XD the drawings are perfect though.

  10. Wah! I got it right lol... ^ ^ but I got the wrong interpretion upon the last Anime pic of yours heh heh... no big deal ^ ^

    The sarcastic baboon? I was just guessing, actually ^ ^ Yep, he's a little too out standing :P Hope he's not reading this lol.. ^ ^

  11. hey, i've seen that 'my last love' b4...hahaha..Yeah, it's one of 'Mr.otakku' prim3's figurines collection!!! LOL He displayed it that during the CF2007!

  12. barbie: what if he is ?? i've made it clear it wasn't him, but another friend. :)

    pui: "lost" love actually. hehe. n yes, it is prim3 who "corrupts" me in the first place. :)

  13. Full Metal Alchemist! Hehe... Maybe I can put Bleach and Naruto inside Wizards category too...

  14. Pedobear is going to like this show

    I never actually bought figurines before because I prefer spending my money somewhere else

    P.s since when my house mate became a guy? O.O prince somemore..